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The well has run dry


It's been a tough week for Terrell Owens.

The second season of his reality show was outshined by the debut of Chad OchoCinco's reality show.

He was "owned" during a street ball game at Rucker Park.

Funkmaster Flex took shots at him, saying he couldn't even play for the New Jersey Whaleblockers.

More importantly than all that, T.O. is still unemployed. If you listen to T.O.'s side of it, the reason he isn't with a team right now is because the media paints him as a troublemaker.

There is some truth in that, but Owens' is forgetting one thing: He was a troublemaker.

There is a scene in the Eddie Murphy movie "The Golden Child" where he has to carry a glass of water across a bridge to retrieve the "magical knife" he needs to kill someone (I forget who). If he drops or spills the water, he can't get the knife.

Look at athletes like that glass of water except that every time they have an "indiscretion" more and more water spills from the glass. If by the time you get to the "magical knife" all the water is gone, you are just out of luck. But as long as there some water left, the glass can be refilled.

There are a lot of athletes whose cups are very low (Michael Vick and Ben Roethlisberger come to mind) and there are athletes in the past who spilled a lot of their water but had enough left to fill it back up (Kobe Bryant and Ray Lewis for example).

Fair or not, Terrell Owens' glass has been spilling out for a long time and it might have just dried up.

While the media has been "thirsty" in its dogged pursuit to exaggerate everything Owens does in the tail end of his career, the reason T.O. holds an empty cup is mainly because of his own doing.

There is no excusing his actions in San Francisco. But what happened in Philadelphia, he will never recover from. Coming off a Super Bowl where he was looked at as a hero for playing with a broken ankle, he had an opportunity to sway public opinion about him forever.

Regardless of who was at "fault" in Philadelphia (reports vary), he came across as the "bad guy".

Jerry Jones tried to save his cup, but the spotlight was too much in Big D and Owens could never outrun the shadows of Philadelphia.

Buffalo threw him a water bottle, but only because of the dog and pony show. In essence Owens went from headlining WWE shows like Sean Michaels to the local barn like Mickey Rourke.

Does he have something left?

Sure he does. He managed 800 plus yards on an awful Buffalo team, which shows he can still be a good if not great wide receiver.

Will he get another chance?

I guess he will just have to wait by the "wishing well" cup in hand.

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