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If the question is whether or not the Jets need Darrelle Revis, then yes, they need the best cornerback in the game.

If the question is whether or not the Jets should give into Darrelle Revis, then no, they shouldn't give into someone who cares more about a moniker than he does about his team or winning the Super Bowl.

Revis is a tremendous player. In fact, he's the most vital component of Rex Ryan's defense because he's one of only two corners (Nnamdi Asomugha being the other) that can actually line up man-to-man with any receiver in the game on a weekly basis. Because of this, the Jets don't have to double-team their opponent's No. 1 wideout and thus, it's almost like they play with an extra man on defense. (Most teams put their best corner on their opponent's No. 2 receiver and double-team their No. 1, which is why having Revis is such a luxury for New York.)

But let's not over think the situation: If the Jets can't win a Super Bowl without Revis, then what does that say for them as a team? Yes, Revis is exceptional, but one player should never be the difference between whether or not a team wins a championship. The only exception of course, is if that player is a quarterback.

Plus, let's keep in mind that Revis has only had one elite season. His 2009 campaign was no doubt out-of-this-world outstanding, but it's still just one season. And considering Revis still has a year remaining on his contract, he's fortunate that the Jets are even negotiating with him as it is.

Now, I'm not immune to Revis' position here. He got a front row seat to the way the Jets handled the Leon Washington contract issue last year and also watched Elvis Dumervil go down for the season last week with a pectoral injury just three weeks after signing his long-term deal.

But is it that important for Revis to become the highest paid corner in the league? Does the moniker really matter that much to him? Can't he be happy with a big raise and the opportunity to go to the Super Bowl? It's not like the Jets aren't offering him anything - they're willing to make him the highest paid defensive player in team history. That's not good enough? Give me a break.

The bottom line is that the Jets shouldn't have to pay for Al Davis' boneheaded decision to hand Asomugha a ridiculous contract. And if he really cares more about a few million dollars than he does about being a part of something that is bigger than he is, then maybe the Jets should move on and trust that Ryan's scheme will work with or without Revis.

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