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Five Super Bowl rings, 10 players in the football's Hall of Fame and an unmistakable figure as their current owner. Does this sound like a overrated franchise, even if they are getting as much love as the Dallas Cowboys receive year after year? Not to me.

Sure, they haven't won anything of consequence since Emmit, Troy and Michael retired, but as a successful franchise, the Cowboys deserve praise, no matter how many times "Cowboy haters" say differently. Now, does a franchise's popularity perhaps create an unnecessary air of expectation and entitlement from Dallas fans, as well as the media?


I overheard Jim Rome say the NFL is better when the Kansas City Chiefs are good, and if that's a consensus shared by football fans, how much better is the NFL's product if the Cowboys are good? Sure, it might make the non-Cowboy fans mad, but can you fault the media for putting them on a pedestal of expectations when they are the most popular team in football, if not all of sports?

I don't see how; even if they don't necessarily deserve the hype they are getting.

Granted, in today's "parity rules" NFL, you never know which team might just pop up and challenge for a Super Bowl, but this same characteristic allows prognosticators to pump up teams more than they probably should. There are no dynasties in the NFL anymore.

Sorry, New England fans, but it's true.

Given that, any team with a nice collection of talent can legitimately be considered a Super Bowl threat, and this year's Dallas Cowboys team certainly fits that bill, no matter how many offensive holding calls they get. People (media and fans) still see Dallas' defense, Tony Romo and his band of receivers, as well as Marion Barber and the gang and think that's a team that can challenge the New Orleans Saints of the world.

With that in mind, don't be surprised to see the Cowboys and the New York Giants fight it out for the NFC East title. Even with the Cowboys' struggles against the Redskins, it's pretty obvious the two best offenses, well, the most talented, anyway, in the division belong to the Giants and Cowboys. Yeah, yeah, defense wins championships but a great offense can certainly challenge good defensive teams.

Oh, and Dallas' defense is pretty stout, too.

I, for one, am not going to put all my eggs concerning Dallas' season in a basket woven from the Redskins defense. Yes, neither team looked like a Super Bowl contender, but even with all the mistakes -- and the loss -- the Cowboys looked like the better team, even with Alex Barron holding everyone that got close to him.

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You are on crack dude!

Posted by: square-1ne | September 15, 2010 11:57 AM

Popular for a reason? Uh, what reason would that be?

Sure, they have tons of tacky, sweatshop-produced merchandise clogging Wal-Marts all across America. They consistently bring in thuggish, self-centered me-first players to sell jerseys and increase their "profile." They have a blowhard, meddling owner that is more enamored with the Cowboys "brand" than success on the field.

In essence, they are very, very similar to the Redskins under the Snyderatto regime.

Everyone likes to compare the Cowboys to the Lakers and the Yankees. Please. The Lakers and Yankees are defending champions! The Cowboys haven't been competitive in the postseason since the mid 1990's!

And how, exactly, did they look like the "better team" against the Redskins this last Sunday night? Did you see the final score? In the immortal words of Herm Edwards, "you play to win the game." The Cowboys play to show off their flashiness and rack up fantasy football stats.

If any idiot decides to voluntarily root for this pathetic franchise, I hope they enjoy the annual sucker punch every Cowboys fan receives after their team chokes when the playoffs come around. Why anyone outside of Dallas would cheer for this collection of losers is utterly beyond me.

Posted by: dmorgan6617 | September 15, 2010 5:20 PM

The reason is Tex Schramm. Tex was instrumental in creating a newly formed Cowboys Organization into the brandished juggernaut we recognized today.

Choosing the Head Coach, Scouting Director, and many other innovative decisions designed to forge iconic images associated with a fledgling Dallas Cowboys franchise into the psyche of American Sports.

Jerral Jones is riding Tex Schramm's coattails. Truth be told. Jerral can only aspire to wrap himself in Tex's previously established Cowboys Organizational accomplishments.

Posted by: robbo24 | September 16, 2010 12:33 AM

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