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McNabb = History, Vick = Future


Vick or McNabb? For an Eagles fan that question sounds more like two siblings asking their parents who they love more.

Donovan McNabb led the Philadelphia Eagles to their most successful run in the Super Bowl era. Over 11 seasons, he brought pride back to a city that knew only how to project its self-loathing onto Santa Clause. He consistently trounced the Cowboys, carried us to five NFC Championship games and to within three points of a title in Jacksonville. Then, for reasons only Andy Reid may fully comprehend, he was given away to our division rivals in Washington. Rather than retiring as an Eagle, McNabb was traded for a pittance under the auspices of franchise building around perennial standout Kevin Kolb -- not that I'm bitter.

Michael Vick, on the other hand, spent a good chunk of the last decade in dog fighting arenas and prison. After completing his state sponsored rehabilitation, the wily quarterback emerged from a half-way house, in 2009, a question mark. Every football pundit wanted to talk about him, no football team wanted to touch him... except the Eagles.

Vick was welcomed to Philadelphia with white gloves -- not open arms -- and told he'd be the third stringer who'd have to earn his keep. And yet from the start it was clear he was something special. He has a spark -- that indescribable calm under center that separates starting NFL quarterbacks from say, Kevin Kolb. Donovan McNabb has it too. Unfortunately for the Redskins though, McNabb also has four or five more years of rust on his joints. In NFL years that's an ice age. And, prison speculation aside, Vick hasn't been under the knife nearly as much as McNabb who makes us all wince in empathy when he gets hit.

I wouldn't trade the time Donovan played in Philly for anything, least of all a second round pick. But as we all learn growing up, parents have favorites and the NFL is a business. If I have to pick who to start on my team, I'd pick Vick.

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People keep acting like Vick is this young-gun and he is far from it

Vick is still a suspect passer and eventually he will come down a level and start screwing up like he always have

Posted by: Bious | October 1, 2010 2:06 PM

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