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Want Randy? He's yours


The obvious team to claim Randy Moss off waivers from Minnesota is...

The Washington Redskins, of course.

With one caveat from one of Moss' former teammates, Tedy Bruschi.

"He plays hard for people and organizations he respects,'' Bruschi, now a commentator for ESPN, said shortly after Moss was cut loose. Which immediately raises two questions: Will Randy Moss respect Daniel Snyder and his losing record? And will he respect Shanahan & Son, the coaching duo that decided Rex Grossman -- ouch!! -- was more qualified than Donovan McNabb to run a two-minute drill in Detroit on Sunday?

Moss won't change. Not at age 33. When he was in his prime in Minnesota, he famously uttered "I play when I feel like it,'' and he clearly didn't feel much like playing when he returned to the Vikings a month ago. If he had, he might have gone after a ball that bounced a yard or two away from him in Foxborough Sunday after he was interfered with and he would have tried harder the week before in Green Bay to catch what might have been the winning touchdown pass from Brett Favre.

But he can still play and he can still help a team like the Redskins, which despite its loss in Detroit can be a factor in the NFC East.

Right now they are not on a level with either the Eagles or Giants (despite a victory in Philadelphia) and probably aren't even if they had Moss at his best.

But they'd be closer. One reason McNabb hasn't lived up to his past is that the Skins have no receiver who scares anyone, who can stretch the defense and allow Chris Cooley and Santana Moss freedom to run underneath routes.

As it stands now, Buffalo has the first shot. It's doubtful that the Bills, who divested themselves of Terrell Owens this year, want to spend $11 million -- or half of it -- on a player who if he's willing, might help get them a win or two beyond the one or two they'll probably get. Beyond Buffalo, there are a few teams that might try -- the Snyderian Jerry Jones in Dallas and Woody Johnson with the Jets like to collect name players, but Johnson has enough receivers and so does Jones, whose lads are 1-6 in any event.

So scratch them.

Oakland? The Raiders already had Randy and dumped him.

New England? Maybe. But he'd have to clear waivers. The Patriots, at 6-1, have the NFL's best record, so 30 teams would have to pass before they get their shot.

Yes, maybe he'd clear and Bill Belichick would grab him. Belichick considers all possibilities and he probably sat down when he got the news with people he trusts, including Tom Brady, to discuss Moss.

But Washington needs him more. And Dan the Fan has been willing to pay big bucks to stars (see Haynesworth, Albert).

Why not add one more?

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Would LOVE to see what the Skins would do if they got Moss but would be concerned about whether or not they can motivate him to play. Moss is the key player they have been missing on offense but have a feeling that he wouldn't put in any more effort than it takes to show up.

Posted by: Skins4ever1 | November 2, 2010 11:15 AM

Would be nice.. Redskins has always been looking for another wideout to compliment Santana. Skins plays the Vikings on Nov 28. On any day that he doesnt feel like playing, he is still better than most WR on the roster.

Posted by: flipnopmpr | November 3, 2010 9:50 AM

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