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Saints, Packers are the toughest seeds

The Saints are peaking just in time for the playoffs while Aaron Rodgers and the Packers will be a handful for any team they face in the playoffs (assuming they make it).

By Doug Farrar | December 29, 2010; 10:34 AM ET | Comments (0)

Cowboys should have been better

The Cowboys' turnaround since Wade Phillips' firing shows their players quit on their former head coach - and that's downright shameful.

By Doug Farrar | November 23, 2010; 09:18 AM ET | Comments (0)

Look to the front offices

The supposed superiority of the AFC in the 2010 season is based more than anything on the fact that many of the most talented NFC teams have allowed themselves to be run into the ground with terrible decision-making processes.

By Doug Farrar | November 4, 2010; 02:08 AM ET | Comments (0)

Dealing with the devil

The narrow Super Bowl window for Brett Favre and the Vikings has already closed, leaving Brad Childress with a big mess and no clear way out.

By Doug Farrar | October 26, 2010; 10:30 AM ET | Comments (2)

Polamalu is the real MVP

Troy Polamalu has the Steelers defense playing up to the level of -- and maybe better than -- the 1976 Steel Curtain.

By Doug Farrar | September 28, 2010; 09:17 AM ET | Comments (0)

NFC North gets interesting

The Kansas City Chiefs are the biggest surprise so far this season, using young talent to compensate for a struggling quarterback. Meanwhile 0-2 stats for the Cowboys and Vikings shouldn't come as a huge surprise.

By Doug Farrar | September 21, 2010; 09:02 AM ET | Comments (0)

NFC East is anyone's ballgame

Too much money spent on receivers at the expense of a serviceable offensive line is just one of the many problems facing the Dallas Cowboys which opens up the division for the Redskins, Giants and Eagles.

By Doug Farrar | September 14, 2010; 02:45 AM ET | Comments (0)

Wrong in so many ways

An expanded NFL regular season is a terrible idea any way you look at it.

By Doug Farrar | August 31, 2010; 01:48 AM ET | Comments (0)

Time to cut bait

Of all the situations Mike Shanahan inherited, none was more toxic -- and more permanent -- than what has been created by Albert Haynesworth.

By Doug Farrar | August 24, 2010; 08:34 AM ET | Comments (0)

Surviving the opener is key

The Saints gave the NFL the defensive gameplan for stopping Brett Favre in last season's NFC title game, which could spell trouble for the Vikings this fall.

By Doug Farrar | August 18, 2010; 09:36 AM ET | Comments (1)

It's all an attention grab

Brett Favre's annual retirement dance has become a way for him to string us along and keep the spotlight on him for as long as possible.

By Doug Farrar | August 5, 2010; 09:20 AM ET | Comments (0)

Something's fishy

If there's collusion going on between NFL owners, it's the restricted free agents who are getting the raw deal, not unsigned first-round draft picks.

By Doug Farrar | July 23, 2010; 07:52 AM ET | Comments (0)

More needs to be done

The abuse of codeine in the infamous purple drank is becoming a trend in mainstream society and the NFL, where something should be done to curb its use.

By Doug Farrar | July 20, 2010; 02:05 AM ET | Comments (0)

There's still something left

Despite his age and declining skillset, Terrell Owens still has the ability to help a team in need of a veteran playmaking wide receiver.

By Doug Farrar | July 15, 2010; 08:51 AM ET | Comments (0)

This could be Texans' year

If the right breaks fall their way, the Houston Texans could crack the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.

By Doug Farrar | July 13, 2010; 01:34 AM ET | Comments (0)

Seahawks lead the pack

A great draft weekend and a pair of trades to help the running game have the Seahawks ready to compete again in the NFC West

By Doug Farrar | May 5, 2010; 07:14 AM ET | Comments (0)

Questions complicate larger issues

The public outcry surrounding Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland's inappropriate question to Dez Bryant could forever change the protocol for prospect interviews

By Doug Farrar | April 30, 2010; 10:01 AM ET | Comments (1)

Driven Away from ESPN

The new NFL draft prime time format worked for ratings but ESPN's coverage was a train wreck.

By Doug Farrar | April 27, 2010; 01:36 AM ET | Comments (0)

Moral vs. criminal code

Roger Goodell's decision to suspend Ben Roethlisberger for six games protects the integrity of the NFL's moral standards without overstepping his bounds as commissioner.

By Doug Farrar | April 22, 2010; 01:13 AM ET | Comments (1)

Cornering the market

The stability and sounds foundation Rex Ryan and the Jets posses has allowed them to take chances will talented, mercurial players.

By Doug Farrar | April 13, 2010; 10:08 AM ET | Comments (0)

The numbers don't lie

On the right team with a strong receiving corps, Donovan McNabb could continue to produce and win games.

By Doug Farrar | April 2, 2010; 12:43 AM ET | Comments (1)

Too Early to Tell

While Steelers stars Ben Roethlisberger and Santonio Holmes are certainly not bolstering their franchise's stature, the allegations against them have not seriously damaged the Pittsburgh least not yet.

By Doug Farrar | March 30, 2010; 08:41 AM ET | Comments (0)

Room at the top

There are no obvious gems in this year's crop of quarterbacks.

By Doug Farrar | March 17, 2010; 12:20 AM ET | Comments (0)

Wrong kind of excitement

The ongoing Ben Roethlisberger saga underlines what has been true for a very long time in the National Football League: Your quarterback is your most important player, and the fortunes of your team will rise and fall as his does.

By Doug Farrar | March 12, 2010; 12:00 AM ET | Comments (1)

Dansby is the man

In versatile linebacker Karlos Dansby, the Dolphins may have picked up the jewel of this year's free agent class.

By Doug Farrar | March 9, 2010; 01:18 AM ET | Comments (0)

NFL has bigger fish to fry

This year's free agency structure is set up perfectly for a team like the Redskins that would rather fill its need through free agency than the draft, but the NFL has bigger issues to worry about at the moment

By Doug Farrar | March 5, 2010; 07:57 AM ET | Comments (0)

Officiating consistency before OT reform

Before the NFL competition committee addresses overtime, it should fix the inconsistency in its officiating crews.

By Doug Farrar | March 2, 2010; 12:49 AM ET | Comments (1)

Time to hang 'em up?

The statistics show LaDainian Tomlinson's best days are behind him.

By Doug Farrar | February 23, 2010; 12:55 AM ET | Comments (1)

Look at the big picture

No, Manning doesn't deserve a hit to his legacy because of this Super Bowl. He was beaten by a better team.

By Doug Farrar | February 8, 2010; 11:14 AM ET | Comments (0)

It's Tebow's choice

What Tim Tebow does or does not sponsor or associate himself with off the field, makes no difference to me.

By Doug Farrar | February 1, 2010; 11:29 AM ET | Comments (5)

Wake up Goodell

Taking a piece of local vernacular away from an area is the height of arrogance.

By Doug Farrar | January 29, 2010; 09:58 AM ET | Comments (0)

Not coach's fault

Wade Phillips is a symptom. The disease and the cure both reside in the owner's box.

By Doug Farrar | January 18, 2010; 12:50 PM ET | Comments (0)

Feckless in Seattle

It boggles the mind that any organization with a lick of football sense would pay over $30 million over five years to put him in charge.

By Doug Farrar | January 11, 2010; 10:53 AM ET | Comments (0)

Rams ready to Suh

If there's one team that would benefit from a Week 17 loss above any other, it's the St. Louis Rams to the Lions away from Suh.

By Doug Farrar | January 1, 2010; 12:29 PM ET | Comments (0)

Same old Favre

The Vikings mortgaged a lot to bring in Favre and it's looking more and more like the gambit will not pay off.

By Doug Farrar | December 23, 2009; 10:52 AM ET | Comments (15)

Saints have the slight edge

In the case of movable force versus resistible object, the Saints win, because their pass defense could give even Peyton Manning fits.

By Doug Farrar | December 4, 2009; 11:25 AM ET | Comments (0)

Still a beast

If you go by DVOA, the NFC East is the best division in football.

By Doug Farrar | November 23, 2009; 10:07 AM ET | Comments (0)

Low risk, some reward

I don't foresee this signing as a return to the Bengals of old, when arrest records polluted half the roster.

By Doug Farrar | November 17, 2009; 05:47 PM ET | Comments (0)

Bengals Are Most Vulnerable

Playoffs may be more than the Bengals are capable of.

By Doug Farrar | November 4, 2009; 11:21 AM ET | Comments (0)

Snyder Has Gone Too Far

Daniel Snyder has become the George Steinbrenner of the NFL

By Doug Farrar | October 30, 2009; 08:38 AM ET | Comments (4)

Need for Greed

If you think it's a great thing to schlep your team across the pond and suit them up in London, you're barmy, as in daft, as in off your bloody rocker!

By Doug Farrar | October 23, 2009; 11:07 AM ET | Comments (3)

Blues in St. Louis

With or without Rush Limbaugh, the Rams are historically awful at this point.

By Doug Farrar | October 12, 2009; 11:23 AM ET | Comments (6)

What, Me Worry?

Is it wise to worry about your season after only two games? Perhaps not, but here are a few teams that need to turn things around

By Doug Farrar | September 21, 2009; 10:45 AM ET | Comments (3)

Fruits of Belichick's Tree

The current mini-wave of injury report shenanigans, all emanate from one central figure - Bill Belichick.

By Doug Farrar | September 20, 2009; 07:40 PM ET | Comments (1)

They've Done It Before

The Eagles have a system in place that allows them to win without him for brief stretches of time if need be

By Doug Farrar | September 14, 2009; 09:27 AM ET | Comments (0)

Big Ben, By a Hair

Polamalu is the beneficiary of the best front seven in football; Roethlisberger does what he does behind one of the worst offensive lines in football.

By Doug Farrar | September 11, 2009; 12:51 AM ET | Comments (2)

Brady's Still the Best

All things being equal, if I have Tom Brady, I'm taking the Lombardi Trophy home.

By Doug Farrar | August 31, 2009; 06:20 AM ET | Comments (0)

A Good First Step

The experiment wasn't a failure right off the bat. And right now, that's all we can ask.

By Doug Farrar | August 28, 2009; 09:29 AM ET | Comments (0)

Addressing the Problem, Not the Solution

Assuming that Roger Goodell's increased discipline changes the way players act is like saying that the rooster crowing changes the way the sun comes up.

By Doug Farrar | August 21, 2009; 01:15 PM ET | Comments (0)

Committee Makes Sense

Growing awareness of the effects of running back overuse and the value of those backs over time has contributed to a change in thinking regarding the "feature back" concept.

By Doug Farrar | August 17, 2009; 07:20 PM ET | Comments (0)

He's a Player, Not a QB

Vick is an option-read quarterback - no more, no less.

By Doug Farrar | August 13, 2009; 11:55 PM ET | Comments (1)

Eli: Between Average and Elite

Is he worth more than Tom Brady or his own brother? Absolutely not, but that isn't the realistic question. Eli Manning simply got what the market will bear.

By Doug Farrar | August 6, 2009; 10:30 AM ET | Comments (0)

Guilty of Stupidity?

Should he play in the NFL again? Who knows? Right now, Burress must use every bit of his famed escapability to try and squirm out of a defensive formation he's never seen before.

By Doug Farrar | August 4, 2009; 09:52 AM ET | Comments (2)

A Small-Market Bounty?

There are a few destinations that make sense for Michael Vick.

By Doug Farrar | July 27, 2009; 04:28 PM ET | Comments (0)

Best How?

Joe Banner is among the most adept execs in the business, but I'm not sure what he meant with that "best roster" comment.

By Doug Farrar | July 27, 2009; 09:16 AM ET | Comments (0)

Is No News Good News?

Maybe we need to spend a little less time ranking on the blogosphere and more time making sure our own houses are in order.

By Doug Farrar | July 22, 2009; 08:03 AM ET | Comments (1)

Awareness Fail

If you want to do racial humor, you have to be very skilled, and you have to know EXACTLY where the line is

By Doug Farrar | July 16, 2009; 10:24 AM ET | Comments (1)

Avoid the XFL's Fate

The UFL has to reconcile is just what kind of league it wants to be, and what it wants to accomplish.

By Doug Farrar | July 14, 2009; 09:28 AM ET | Comments (1)

Catch Before You Tweet

With Houshmandzadeh gone, Chad needs to buckle down, lose the attention deficit, and become the defender's nightmare he used to be.

By Doug Farrar | July 10, 2009; 08:38 AM ET | Comments (0)

What Is a Hero?

We make deals with our heroes and our role models all the time, because sainted perfection is so very difficult to find.

By Doug Farrar | July 8, 2009; 06:19 AM ET | Comments (1)

A Good Man, Gone Too Soon

What I remember most about Steve McNair was his all-consuming competitiveness.

By Doug Farrar | July 4, 2009; 10:20 PM ET | Comments (5)

It's Always Brains Over Bucks

Big money means nothing when it comes to team success.

By Doug Farrar | July 3, 2009; 08:13 AM ET | Comments (0)

The Systems Will Dictate

I suspect that the Jets will start Sanchez pretty much right away.

By Doug Farrar | July 1, 2009; 10:55 AM ET | Comments (0)

Consistency Wanted

It seems to me that Goodell bases the expediency with which he deals with a player's disciplinary issues on the interest teams have in that player.

By Doug Farrar | June 29, 2009; 03:24 PM ET | Comments (0)

Familiarity Breeds a Disconnect?

People find more spectator sport value in the activities they can't do.

By Doug Farrar | June 26, 2009; 11:47 AM ET | Comments (22)

The Joke's on Ocho

The bad news for Mr. Ochocinco is that, in the end, he'll be remembered more for his antics than anything he did on the field.

By Doug Farrar | June 22, 2009; 10:57 AM ET | Comments (0)

Goodell Should Channel Judge Landis

If the Ginger Hammer wants to prove there's a new sheriff in town, he must punish more adequately than the justice system has.

By Doug Farrar | June 19, 2009; 10:12 AM ET | Comments (0)

Someone Has to Break the Barrier

Gay rights in sports will happen as they happen in life -- gradually, and not without considerable struggle, or the courage of the people who dare to be first.

By Doug Farrar | June 17, 2009; 10:53 AM ET | Comments (1)

The Dynamics Don't Fit

The primary problem with adapting fictional football stories to the big screen is that the real thing is simply better.

By Doug Farrar | June 15, 2009; 07:00 AM ET | Comments (0)

Thanks, But No Thanks!

Given the choice between Leinart and Young, I'll choose Option C -- whatever that may be.

By Doug Farrar | June 12, 2009; 10:38 AM ET | Comments (0)

Is There a Third Choice?

By all accounts, Leinart just needs to grow up. Young may really need help.

By Dan Levy | June 12, 2009; 10:03 AM ET | Comments (0)

Very Little Has Changed

Concussions need to be handled by an independent physician in as objective a manner as possible rather than a conflicted team staff.

By Doug Farrar | June 10, 2009; 08:12 AM ET | Comments (0)

A Walk and a Wink

Whether we like to admit it or not, there is a separate and unequal class of people who get away with things that the rest of us can't

By Doug Farrar | June 8, 2009; 07:06 AM ET | Comments (5)

What's the Difference?

Tell any player on the bubble that a team activity isn't required, whether it's implied or not, and he's likely to laugh in your face. As the NFL moves toward creating a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (we hope), the difference should either be delineated or eliminated.

By Doug Farrar | June 4, 2009; 07:54 AM ET | Comments (0)

Anyone But McDaniels

There are too many factors that go into which team might win to make a concise and accurate choice. It's easier to peg a team whose new coach has set the entire franchise up for failure, and that's precisely what Denver's Josh McDaniels has done.

By Doug Farrar | June 2, 2009; 07:37 AM ET | Comments (0)

Chiefs Could Do It

New Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley has two huge advantages in his corner: He has a team that has added veteran leaders, and his Chiefs will be playing in what looks like the NFL's worst division. That could set up a playoff run.

By Doug Farrar | May 29, 2009; 09:22 AM ET | Comments (0)

They May Be Even Better

I'm not too sure the Patriots offense can be better than it was in 2007, but I have little doubt that a healthy Brady will fly right back to the top of the heap. There are too many things in his favor.

By Doug Farrar | May 27, 2009; 11:26 PM ET | Comments (1)

Time to Change the Rules

f you have a seven-day window that gives every team an equal shot at the best and most desirable free agents, and a team tries to sneak in a day early, that team should get the same kind of fine/draft loss the Patriots received for the Spygate scandal.

By Doug Farrar | May 26, 2009; 10:58 AM ET | Comments (0)

Focus On Economy, Parity

Roger Goodell is certainly determined to make American Football the world's favorite sport, but taking the country's greatest sporting event and outsourcing it to places that see the game as a novelty cheapens the experience.

By Doug Farrar | May 22, 2009; 06:38 AM ET | Comments (0)

The NFL Will Bend

The current Commissioner has proven that the need to fill the coffers trumps most everything else in his mind.

By Doug Farrar | May 19, 2009; 10:10 AM ET | Comments (3)

New Game, New Rules

The NFL may be shifting away from the era of the high-priced, high profile coaches who may soon find themselves filling GM chairs.

By Doug Farrar | May 13, 2009; 08:52 AM ET | Comments (0)

Romo's On the Hook

With a new stadium, a non-stop reality show around him at all times the quarterback with the heaviest weight to carry is Tony Romo.

By Doug Farrar | May 7, 2009; 12:24 PM ET | Comments (1)

"I'll Hold the Ball, and You Kick It!"

Hearing about Favre coming back to the NFL makes me feel like Charlie Brown being abused by Lucy.

By Doug Farrar | May 4, 2009; 11:29 AM ET | Comments (0)

Fans Don't Count

Lower prices would be good for fans, but not for the league, teams, and players. Those three entities have more actual power than the fans.

By Doug Farrar | May 1, 2009; 11:16 AM ET | Comments (2)

Detroit Turned It Around

The Lions got faster, tougher, and smarter in this draft. They also gave their downtrodden fans a great deal of hope for the future.

By Doug Farrar | April 27, 2009; 10:07 AM ET | Comments (0)

Mariucci and Mayock Pick Sanchez Over Stafford

If you put Sanchez in the right system, one that emphasized creativity and route diversity and pocket movement, he'll do everything required to be a great player in this league.

By Doug Farrar | April 22, 2009; 09:05 PM ET | Comments (0)

I'll Take the Tuna

If Parcells is the top name on my org chart, I have no worries when it comes to personnel.

By Doug Farrar | April 21, 2009; 09:36 AM ET | Comments (0)

Wrong Year for First Pick

Curry is the safest pick in this draft, but who wants to take a top-5 selection, and pay top-5 money, for a linebacker?

By Doug Farrar | April 20, 2009; 09:19 AM ET | Comments (0)

Only One "Comeback"

For one amazing day, Frank Reich and his Bills authored the most amazing comeback we're ever likely to see in the NFL.

By Doug Farrar | April 13, 2009; 11:15 AM ET | Comments (3)

It Has to Be Mean Joe

When you're the epicenter of football's greatest all-time defense, it makes sense that you're also football's greatest defensive draft pick.

By Doug Farrar | April 10, 2009; 09:32 AM ET | Comments (0)

Tailgating is Tops

The best football tradition? What could possibly be better than tailgating?

By Doug Farrar | April 8, 2009; 10:14 AM ET | Comments (0)

Risk Doesn't Add Up

Someone's going to take a flyer on Plax whenever his legal problems are behind him, and I'm betting that it won't work out.

By Doug Farrar | April 6, 2009; 08:30 AM ET | Comments (0)

Cutler Not A Cure-All

Cutler will need receivers who are reasonably quick, with good hands, who run precise routes.

By Doug Farrar | April 2, 2009; 07:55 PM ET | Comments (0)

Avoid the Temptation!

Giving up several top draft picks for a player statistically similar to the one you already have doesn't make a lot of sense.

By Doug Farrar | April 2, 2009; 10:16 AM ET | Comments (0)

An All-Bust Offense

Since the "Worst Draft Pick Ever" is a no-brainer (Hello, Mr. Leaf!), I thought I'd put together an All-Bust Offense.

By Doug Farrar | March 30, 2009; 03:09 PM ET | Comments (8)

Bad Idea All Around

Season expansion is probably inevitable, but is it actually a good idea? How do I count the ways in which it isn't?

By Doug Farrar | March 25, 2009; 12:34 PM ET | Comments (1)

Brady Beats Bunch

When you take a comp pick awarded at the Owner's Meetings and spin it into this generation's Joe Montana... found gold or not, that's the best draft pick I've ever seen.

By Doug Farrar | March 24, 2009; 08:29 AM ET | Comments (2)

OT's For Postseason

Eliminate regular-season overtime altogether. You play sixty minutes, and if it's all even, that's it.

By Doug Farrar | March 20, 2009; 01:29 AM ET | Comments (2)

Useful in Some Ways

The whole exercise may seem repetitive and boring, but it does get everyone in pre-draft shape.

By Doug Farrar | March 18, 2009; 12:00 PM ET | Comments (0)

Great Ones Aren't Divas

While I don't believe that the Broncos are obliged to grovel at Cutler's feet, an explanation and reconciliation is absolutely necessary.

By Doug Farrar | March 12, 2009; 06:35 AM ET | Comments (0)

Brees & L.T.? A Big Easy

If the Chargers release Tomlinson, the Saints should pounce immediately

By Doug Farrar | March 10, 2009; 08:36 AM ET | Comments (0)

Too Much Baggage

For Jones to cut the ties with T.O. sends a huge red flag to the rest of the NFL.

By Doug Farrar | March 5, 2009; 10:49 AM ET | Comments (0)

Vick Doesn't Deserve a Second Chance

There has to be something so vile in the character of someone who would support such an operation that we have wonder if it is worth having that person involved in the sport we love.

By Doug Farrar | March 4, 2009; 09:59 AM ET | Comments (6)

All About the System

Between new GM Scott Pioli and new head coach Todd Haley, I'd say that Cassel is actually in the perfect environment to make a real go of it.

By Doug Farrar | March 2, 2009; 06:27 AM ET | Comments (0)

The Redskins Think They Have It

The Baltimore Ravens may be one free agent away from the Super Bowl, but that one free agent -- Bart Scott -- has signed with the Jets.

By Doug Farrar | February 28, 2009; 12:38 AM ET | Comments (1)

What's Haynesworth?

The Redskins just have to accept the $100 million risk and hope for the reward.

By Doug Farrar | February 25, 2009; 10:16 AM ET | Comments (7)

Cowboy Torture Never Stops

The gag order will last until Jones hears another set of questions he can't answer in a way that explains his own modus operandi favorably.

By Doug Farrar | February 24, 2009; 09:47 AM ET | Comments (0)

A Piece of the Process

The Combine earns its importance when it becomes the best forum for smaller-school players to perform on a (literal) even playing field.

By Doug Farrar | February 19, 2009; 06:08 AM ET | Comments (0)

Let Him Earn His Money

I would rather have Goodell earning his salary, and looking at the big picture, than trying some sort of stimulus gesture that would be the equivalent of a Band-Aid on an amputation.

By Doug Farrar | February 16, 2009; 11:16 AM ET | Comments (0)

A Complicated Legacy

He wasn't a superhero, but he was one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.

By Doug Farrar | February 12, 2009; 08:29 AM ET | Comments (0)

Football is Visceral, Baseball is Pastoral

The ground rules are different. They shouldn't be, but they are.

By Doug Farrar | February 9, 2009; 08:22 AM ET | Comments (0)

What's Wrong With Hawaii?

The Pro Bowl is, like any sunset, placed best on the islands.

By Doug Farrar | February 6, 2009; 08:30 AM ET | Comments (0)

Consistency Proves It

Given their ability to span the decades with greatness with so few real rough spots, I would have to give the Steelers the nod at this point.

By Doug Farrar | February 3, 2009; 10:56 AM ET | Comments (1)

The Best of the Rest?

Super Bowl XLIII has to be up there in the thrill-a-minute department, though there have been a few entrants in the last decade.

By Doug Farrar | February 2, 2009; 09:20 AM ET | Comments (0)

Cards Have the Edge

Arizona's offense is almost tailor-made to discombobulate that amazing Steelers defense.

By Doug Farrar | January 30, 2009; 11:30 AM ET | Comments (0)

They're Physical, Not Dirty

Above all, the Steelers want players who have a mean streak on the field.

By Doug Farrar | January 29, 2009; 09:29 AM ET | Comments (5)

Warner, But D Will Win

I don't just want the guy who's been there before -- I want the guy who's been there before and done well.

By Doug Farrar | January 28, 2009; 10:02 AM ET | Comments (0)

Neutral Site Is Better

The Super Bowl is half football game, half entertainment spectacle. Such things go over much better in climates conducive to comfort.

By Doug Farrar | January 26, 2009; 12:33 PM ET | Comments (0)

Cards May Change the NFL

If Arizona wins we may have to start stocking up on canned goods and digging bunkers.

By Doug Farrar | January 23, 2009; 02:27 PM ET | Comments (5)

Inauguration First

I've seen every Super Bowl since XII, and I can't imagine anything I've seen in any of them that will come close to the feeling I'll have when a man of African-American heritage walks to that podium and takes that oath.

By Doug Farrar | January 21, 2009; 09:20 AM ET | Comments (1)

Cards Continue the Crazy

The Cardinals are hot now and, in today's NFL, that may be all that matters.

By Doug Farrar | January 19, 2009; 08:46 AM ET | Comments (0)

Four Teams, Four Surprises

There are quite a few things that bear watching on Championship weekend, as under the radar as they may be.

By Doug Farrar | January 16, 2009; 01:28 PM ET | Comments (0)

Warner Is the Winner

The great thing about Warner's story is that he's come back from obscurity twice.

By Doug Farrar | January 15, 2009; 08:20 AM ET | Comments (6)

Steelers' Slight Edge

You couldn't put a thin piece of paper between the NFL's two best defenses, but I think that the Steelers' leaders have the slight edge.

By Doug Farrar | January 14, 2009; 08:51 AM ET | Comments (0)

Momentum Beats Location

I don't think it's as much about home field becoming meaningless as it is momentum becoming far more meaningful.

By Doug Farrar | January 12, 2009; 08:26 AM ET | Comments (0)

Big Ben, Collins in Danger

The QBs who are most valuable to their teams are the ones who lead offenses with iffy running games behind questionable offensive lines.

By Doug Farrar | January 9, 2009; 06:34 PM ET | Comments (0)

The Best They've Got

Who else could do what Reid has done over the last ten years?

By Doug Farrar | January 8, 2009; 09:04 AM ET | Comments (0)

Brett, Decide Soon!

Sadly, I think we're in for months of media overkill before we get the decision.

By Doug Farrar | December 23, 2008; 10:21 AM ET | Comments (0)

Hard-Luck Bucs

Three weeks, three losses and they have no-one to blame but themselves.

By Doug Farrar | December 22, 2008; 10:14 AM ET | Comments (0)

The Giants Need it Most

At this point, no elite team needs home cooking more than New York.

By Doug Farrar | December 19, 2008; 12:01 PM ET | Comments (0)

Yo, Adrian!

Unlike Turner, Peterson has the lateral movement, the speed and gets it done despite being the primary focus of every defense he faces.

By Doug Farrar | December 18, 2008; 09:08 AM ET | Comments (2)

Who's Statistically Better?

Well... there are stats, and there are stats.

By Doug Farrar | December 17, 2008; 09:33 AM ET | Comments (0)

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