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Is this much parity good for the NFL?

Is this much early season parity good for the NFL?

By Reader Poll | October 12, 2010; 12:04 PM ET | Comments (1)

Pop the cork in South Beach

No team will be running the table in 2010, and that's good news for the NFL, its fans and the upcoming labor negotiations. Maybe all this parity will smack some sense into the powers contemplating a lockout.

By Leonard Shapiro | October 12, 2010; 11:50 AM ET | Comments (2)

Where will T.O. end up?

Where will Terrell Owens end up in 2010?

By Reader Poll | July 15, 2010; 09:15 AM ET | Comments (0)

Not done yet

Even at 36, Terrell Owens can still play in the NFL, and the Washington Redskins are a likely suitors.

By Michael Kun | July 15, 2010; 12:00 AM ET | Comments (0)

Don't sleep on Raiders

A slew of offseason moves have the Oakland Raiders in position to turn the tables in the very winnable AFC West.

By Josh Kirkendall | July 13, 2010; 10:41 AM ET | Comments (0)

The numbers don't lie

On the right team with a strong receiving corps, Donovan McNabb could continue to produce and win games.

By Doug Farrar | April 2, 2010; 12:43 AM ET | Comments (1)

He deserves better

The Eagles would be wise to see what they have in Kevin Kolb, but for all Donovan McNabb has given Philadelphia, he deserves better than Oakland.

By Dave Goldberg | April 2, 2010; 12:00 AM ET | Comments (2)

Could McNabb turn around a struggling franchise?

At this stage of his career, could Donovan McNabb turn around a struggling franchise?

By Reader Poll | April 2, 2010; 12:00 AM ET | Comments (0)

Players are pros

"Hate" or "respect" as the basis for a football rivalry is a matter for fans and the media.

By Michael Oriard | November 13, 2009; 09:46 AM ET | Comments (1)

Raider Rage

There's more than enough smoke here to suspect a blazing inferno may be raging on the Oakland sidelines.

By Leonard Shapiro | November 2, 2009; 03:58 PM ET | Comments (2)

Tricky Call

Tom Cable either has a real problem with anger management or he is one very wronged person.

By Doug Farrar | November 2, 2009; 08:31 AM ET | Comments (0)

Anger Mismanagement

Tom Cable's anger and violence have been a problem in his life and have even impacted his job as the head coach of the Raiders.

By Larry Brown | November 2, 2009; 08:07 AM ET | Comments (0)

Raiders' Call?

If Roger Goodell won't do anything, maybe the Raiders will.

By Dave Goldberg | November 2, 2009; 06:58 AM ET | Comments (1)

No Place for Wimps

Cable admitted to hitting his former wife more than twenty years ago. That makes him a wimp and a jerk.

By Dawn Knight | November 2, 2009; 06:52 AM ET | Comments (2)

Might Be Too Late

While he may be a scumbag for hitting women, it just seems a little difficult for the league to dole out punishment for transgressions dating that far back.

By David Fucillo | November 2, 2009; 06:49 AM ET | Comments (0)

Black Hole of Oakland

Al Davis and the Raiders have become the suckers in the room, and will remain so until he dies.

By Sean McCann | October 12, 2009; 12:55 PM ET | Comments (3)

Cable Aces It

Al Davis, the owner of the Oakland Raiders is that uncle of yours who dresses funny and makes oddball decisions about your inheritance.

By Brian Tarcy | October 12, 2009; 12:01 PM ET | Comments (0)

Jokeland Raiders

Until Al Davis steps down, Oakland will be the NFL's laughingstock.

By Shawn Zobel | October 12, 2009; 10:50 AM ET | Comments (1)

What's the Worst Front Office?

Which is the most dysfunctional NFL franchise? Vote here.

By Reader Poll | October 12, 2009; 10:38 AM ET | Comments (6)

Oakland Fires Everyone

After firing his players and most of the Raiders organization, Davis said he would hold open tryouts and remake his roster.

By John Morgan | September 28, 2009; 09:42 AM ET | Comments (0)

A Vick-T.O. Hookup?

I'll say the Bills. He and T.O. already seem to have that bond for some reason

By Matt Loede | July 27, 2009; 08:22 PM ET | Comments (2)

Makeover Time

Vick should recognize that he needs structure more than he needs starts.

By Jason Maloni | July 27, 2009; 06:41 PM ET | Comments (0)

Vick Raids the Bay?

Al Davis, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone, give the man a call and get him on a plane to the Bay Area.

By Gene Wang | July 27, 2009; 04:51 PM ET | Comments (2)

Who Wants Michael Vick?

League Readers vote on which NFL team will sign Michael Vick

By Reader Poll | July 27, 2009; 04:35 PM ET | Comments (2)

Chiefs Poised for Comeback

The Chiefs could benefit from the weakness of the AFC West and a dramatic infusion of talent at the two most important skill positions on offense: Quarterback and running back. That should make them playoff contenders from the get-go.

By Peter Schaffer | May 29, 2009; 10:18 AM ET | Comments (1)

Leaders of the Pack

Despite the Packers' dismal 2008 season, there is potential for this team to rise to the top of the NFC class this season.

By Jim McCormick | April 27, 2009; 12:16 PM ET | Comments (0)

Much More Than Xs and Os

The NFL could not have become the most profitable sports league in America without Madden

By Gene Wang | April 17, 2009; 03:27 AM ET | Comments (0)

The Genuine Article

Madden enjoyed the game as much as any viewer, and that excitement spilled over into his broadcasts.

By Doug Farrar | April 17, 2009; 03:20 AM ET | Comments (0)

The Genius of Madden

Madden had the ability to make every listener feel like he they were sitting next to each other on a couch eating pizza, drinking beer and watching Sunday ball.

By Peter Schaffer | April 17, 2009; 02:44 AM ET | Comments (0)

A Different Spin on Greatest "D" Pick

Long, a defensive tackle drafted out of Villanova, is the lowest drafted defensive player enshrined into the Hall of Fame in the past 27 years.

By Rob Rang | April 11, 2009; 05:26 PM ET | Comments (0)

T.O. Spells No

Chances are the next time we see Owens will be in a reality show rather than an NFL stadium.

By Peter Schaffer | March 5, 2009; 11:34 PM ET | Comments (1)

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