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No Rush to Judgment

The market is telling Rush Limbaugh, rather loudly, it doesn't want what he sells.

By Michael Wilbon | October 14, 2009; 01:56 PM ET | Comments (41)

Rush to Resistance

Limbaugh's move to purchase the Rams provides a perfect platform to advance messages of hate -- and the ideal springboard to fight them.

By Derede McAlpin | October 14, 2009; 12:22 PM ET | Comments (25)

Free to Bid, Free to Criticize

Just as Limbaugh should be allowed to purchase the Rams, Roger Goodell should be free to speak out against him.

By Larry Brown | October 14, 2009; 12:06 PM ET | Comments (5)

Goodell Ends Rush

There is no way that Roger Goodell would have said anything untoward about Rush if he and his group was being seriously considered.

By David Aldridge | October 14, 2009; 11:46 AM ET | Comments (31)

Blues in St. Louis

With or without Rush Limbaugh, the Rams are historically awful at this point.

By Doug Farrar | October 12, 2009; 11:23 AM ET | Comments (6)

Winning Gay Fans

Brendon Ayanbadejo of the Ravens is a new gay fan favorite for his pro-gay marriage stance (his nipple ring doesn't hurt).

By Jim Buzinski | September 25, 2009; 06:11 AM ET | Comments (1)

Hardly Dangerous Speech

What's strange in this whole affair is the fact that an NFL player's support for gay marriage should be in any way controversial.

By Michael Oriard | September 25, 2009; 06:03 AM ET | Comments (0)

Free Speech Isn't Cliche

Our country's foundation is the free exchange of ideas. Just because more people may hear those ideas when they come from athletes, does not mean athletes should be censored.

By Dawn Knight | September 25, 2009; 06:03 AM ET | Comments (1)

Who Vouches for This Man?

Tony Dungy is a good friend to have but that's not the same thing as an owner, standing in front of a bank of snapping cameras, with his hand out saying "I trust you."

By Jason Maloni | August 11, 2009; 12:56 PM ET | Comments (9)

PETA Says No

We hope that Dungy will focus on the future of the NFL by backing our efforts to have the League add "cruelty to animals" to its personal-conduct policy

By Dan Shannon | August 11, 2009; 11:20 AM ET | Comments (23)

History Lesson

Despite the Bennetts' football career, they are not mindful of the stereotypes that had to be overcome by their predecessors, so in the end they stand for nothing.

By Roman Oben | July 17, 2009; 11:16 AM ET | Comments (1)

The Bennetts' Brand Takes a Dive

YouTube has its power - use it wisely - before diminishing a valued brand with a walk down memory lane in the cotton fields.

By Derede McAlpin | July 16, 2009; 12:59 PM ET | Comments (2)

Integrate the Black Olympics!

The fact that only African Americans were invited to compete in the "Black Olympics" makes me want to puke.

By Emil Steiner | July 16, 2009; 12:58 PM ET | Comments (0)

Awareness Fail

If you want to do racial humor, you have to be very skilled, and you have to know EXACTLY where the line is

By Doug Farrar | July 16, 2009; 10:24 AM ET | Comments (1)

First Rule of Funny. Be Funny.

There wasn't anything remotely offensive in "Black Olympics" other than the complete lack of comedy.

By Dan Levy | July 16, 2009; 09:29 AM ET | Comments (1)

Ignorant or Uplifting?

Does Black Olympics prove that this generation is not haunted by racism, or that it is simply ignorant of history?

By Dawn Knight | July 16, 2009; 08:08 AM ET | Comments (4)

Just Not Funny

If you want a pass on edgy humor, you have to be funny. The "Black Olympics" video isn't humor or satire, it's crap.

By Gene Weingarten | July 16, 2009; 07:41 AM ET | Comments (6)

Chinese Olympics

Let's say I did a similar video with Timmy Chang that had chow mein eating, a math-off and dry cleaning, and we called it the Chinese Olympics. Would that be offensive to anyone?

By Gene Wang | July 16, 2009; 05:59 AM ET | Comments (3)

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