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Right Call at the Goal Line

With all the poor officiating this season, it was a relief to see the right call at the end of Washington's 10-3 victory over Philadelphia yesterday.

By Gene Wang | December 22, 2008; 12:37 PM ET | Comments (1)

Caught at the Pass (Interference)

Late season missed calls raise concerns as the playoffs approach.

By Gene Wang | December 8, 2008; 10:46 AM ET | Comments (0)

Change Now, or Pay Later

The rash of bad calls in the NFL is reaching epidemic proportions, with at least three major blunders yesterday alone.

By Gene Wang | November 24, 2008; 09:00 AM ET | Comments (4)

Bad Call? You Bet

Gamblers who lost big can blame the refs in Pittsburgh.

By Gene Wang | November 17, 2008; 02:32 AM ET | Comments (104)

Chiefs' Comeback Put on Hold

The Kansas City Chiefs went from beneficiaries of a bad PI call to losers as a result of one.

By Gene Wang | November 10, 2008; 12:31 PM ET | Comments (0)

Denver Phantom Push-Off

"It's a physical game. I mean, the refs did a great job today."

By Gene Wang | November 3, 2008; 10:34 AM ET | Comments (2)

Muffed Punt Is Muffed Call

Missed call drops Atlanta to 4-3 and keeps the Eagles in the hunt for the NFC East title.

By Gene Wang | October 27, 2008; 09:33 AM ET | Comments (33)

Lions Cursed Twice Over

Officials in the Detroit-Minnesota game made two questionable calls that helped the Vikings escape with a 12-10 victory and keep the Lions winless.

By Gene Wang | October 13, 2008; 09:18 AM ET | Comments (2)

False Start That Never Was

A personal foul against the Ravens negated a false start giving the Titans a first down and the win.

By Gene Wang | October 6, 2008; 10:28 AM ET | Comments (3)

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