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Chatter, Take 2: NFC Championship

Philadelphia (-3 1/2) at Arizona

Dave: CAW!
Des: MEOW!
Des: whoops, CAW!
Matt: MOOO!
Dave: You said last week that you would chat in a bird costume if all three bird teams won. So?
Matt: I haven't killed enough birds for the costume yet. It may be until next season to get that put together.

Des: But Matt is wearing a Larry Bird jersey
Des: and listening to Charlie Parker
Matt: I may just make animal noises until I figure out something to say about this game.
Matt: Ooh, is calling this one "The Battle of the Birds." A mighty CAW! to them.
Dave: There seems to be some sentiment for the Cards
Des: Probably not from Des, who seemed to have as much contempt for them as I did for the Chargers, but perhaps he's changed his tune
Des: Cards' defense has been playing much better in the postseason than it did in the regular season. Shades of the Colts a couple of years ago
Des: and my trip to Arizona has me in more of a pro-Cardinals mood, so I am wavering
Dave: Yeah, their defensive numbers, esp. rushing, have been really good. A good portion of that is due to Delhomme's utter meltdown last week, but still
Matt: The matchup between the Cards' receivers and the Eagles' secondary is pretty colossal, in that both are really, really good.
Matt: But then again, the Eagles have stopped the Vikings and the Plax-less Giants (feat. Windy Eli) in the playoffs: Not exactly the same caliber as the Cardinals.
Dave: I think the Eagles' pass rush has to, has to, has to get to Warner, because Fitzgerald just can't be covered lately, plus Boldin should be back
Des: and all of a sudden, the Cardinals' opponent may be the one with more questions in the running game, as Westbrook is hobbled, after not looking very effective so far in the playoffs
Matt: Yes, and the Eagles have been less good when they run less. Remember when they passed the ball 46 times and loss to the Redskins? They need Westbrook.
Dave: True. The Eagles' regular season win over the Cards really doesn't mean much now, I understand, but still, it's hard to overlook a 28-point margin. The Eagles really killed them
Dave: But I know, Arizona's at home this time, and playing better
Dave: And Warner is 7-2 as a starter in the playoffs
Des: plus the Cards want revenge for the 1948 NFL title game, which they lost to the Eagles, the last time they played for a league championship. of course, the last time they won a league championship was against the Eagles the year before, so there's some symmetry there, too.
Dave: There are a lot of retirees in Arizona who remember that game
Des: especially if those retirees came from Chicago, which was where the Cards were located for that '40s heyday
Des: So, are we all going to agree again (on Arizona)? That's no fun
Dave: No, not me
Des: I think the Cards are on a bit of a magic-carpet ride, at least until the Super Bowl. I'll take Arizona
Dave: It's not gonna be another blowout, but I still can't overlook the 28-point bulge from the first game, nor the Eagles' experience. And I'm wagering their pass rush gets to Warner, which I think might be the biggest factor in the game.
Matt: I smell the Whiff of Destiny on the Cardinals, and will take them.
Matt: Oh wait, that's just me. Man, I need a shower.
Des: that might just the Whiff of me whiffing on my picks of late
Dave: Um, I also say whiff. whiff whiff.
Matt: So Larimer, you're taking the Eagles?
Dave: i am
Des: good man. a Keystone Super Bowl for you
Matt: excellent. p.s. CAW! CAW! CAW!

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