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Sunday Line Playoff Chatter, Take 1: Falcons at Cardinals

Dave: So, just wanted to get you guys together to let you know that I AM THE CHAMPIONS, I AM THE CHAMPIONS
Des: but you spared a little time for losers, that's nice
Des: So Dave wins the regular season title, but guess what? It's the playoffs, baby! A whole new season, and a chance for Matt and I to come off a little smarter than we have for the past 4 months
Matt: But hey, we both finished above .500, as well, right?
Dave: I finished the regular season with an 11-3-2 Week 17, clinching the title. I also hit my lock, and finished with the best record on that (10-6-1).
Des: yeah, yeah, yeah, that's SUCH ancient history. We're to look ahead, not behind.
Matt: I went a very respectable 10-4-2 in Week 17.
Matt: and also solved my lock issues by finally hitting one again to finish 8-9 on the season in that category.
Des: I did the worst in Week 17, but Matt points out, we all finished above .500 against the spread for the season, which is pretty good
Dave: So, officially, I finished FIRST, CHAMPION at 135-109-11 overall, Matt out-touched Des at the finish, 128-116-11. Des brings up the rear, but nobly, at 126-118-11. Very good season, as we said
Matt: We should charge people for this service.
Dave: You've gotta this number and pick this game!!!
Matt: If we do this, I'm wearing nothing but bolo ties.That'll be my schtick.
Des: like, nothing at all, but a bolo tie?
Matt: No, also butt-less chaps.
Des: and a smile
Des: Well, I will show a little more graciousness than Chris Johnson and congratulate the winner. Good job, Dave! Seriously, someone needs to tell Johnson to shut the heck up. He wasn't even the rookie running back of the year! that honor has to go to Matt Forte.
Des: So let's take the games in order. First up...

Atlanta (-2) at Arizona

Dave: As has been noted, the road team is favored in all four games, for the first time ever
Matt: yeah, DOUBLE CAW! CAW! CAW!
Des: Have the Cards finally sold enough tickets to avoid a blackout?
Dave: That's really pitiful
Des: the team had until 2:30 today to avoid one
Dave: That's Atlanta Braves-like
Matt: I'm sure the league and team will find a way to say it's sold out even if it isn't.
Des: yeah, they'll round up. way, way up
Dave: You'd think the first division title in 30-some years and the gleaming new stadium would be reason for some excitement. Even if the division title is the NFC West
Matt: They're not playing the Cowboys, so no excitement.
Des: the fans there are just confused. "More football? That's unpossible!"
Dave: And I was searching for home teams I might pick to "upset." I was acutally considering the Cards.
Matt: And as I've pointed out before, road favorites are the winningest category ATS in the league this season, covering 59 percent of the time. Much better than home favorites (46 percent).
Des: But despite the fact that all the road teams are favored, do we all agree that at least one home team will win outright?
Dave: Plus, Edgerrin picked a fine time to say he's not play for Arizona after this season, even tho he's under contract. Not that he's relevant, but still, real team player.
Matt: The Redskins will trade for him, and pay him 2 billion dollars.
Dave: And put him at DE
Des: he should just go back to the Colts. Look what Dominic Rhodes did the season with a horse shoe back on his helmet
Dave: I do like that Falcons pass rush vs. Warner (something about how he's due to fumble, right Des?)
Des: Exactly! he is the Fumblebee Man
Dave: And I think Atlanta's run game will control the clock. I do think at least one home team will win, but I'm not picking this one. Falcons.
Des: Warner's butterfingers aside, I would like to give some credence to the whole rookie QB vs. wily vet angle.
Dave: Well, there is that.
Des: Atlanta is a way more solid team from an infinitely tougher division. But I will go with the home team, even if the home crowd doesn't seem to be flocking to this game in droves.
Matt: The Falcons weren't great on the road this season. The Cardinals were great at home. Thusly, I will take the home dog. Cardinals.
Dave: so you guys got your home picks out of the way
Des: I think Arizona can score some quick points and take the Falcs out of their comfort zone w/ the rushing game. Cards

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