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Sunday Line Playoff Chatter, Take 3: Eagles at Giants

Eagles (+4) at Giants

Des: This strikes me as the end of the line for the Eagles, and no matter how Donovan McNabb plays, let's hope Philly fans have the good sense not to demand his ouster. Actually, let's hope they don't, it's always more fun that way. I see the Giants simply taking care of business here, and 4 points hardly seems like too many in that scenario.
Matt: I guess he's going with the Giants, in so many words?
Dave: It appears that way.
Matt: Imagine if the Eagles, Cardinals and Ravens all make their conference title games. CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW CAW
Dave: That would be the entirety of next week's chat
Matt: I would purchase and wear a bird costume for it, definintely.
Dave: It would be like standing in a big virtual aviary
Dave: Anyway, I really like watching the Eagles when they're playing well, and they're playing well
Matt: But exactly how impressive were the Eagles last week? I mean, Tarvaris reverted back to the old Tarvaris we all know and laugh at, and if not for that one screen pass, it woulda been a lot closer.
Matt: Plus, they got all sorts of yardage from D. Jackson on punt returns, and the Vikings' punt return unit was an atrocity all season.
Dave: Yeah, that's true. Eagles shoulda finished off more drives and finished off the Vikings earlier than they did
Dave: And Brandon Jacbos oughta be rested and ready
Matt: Tho the chances of him suffering another injury are at least 50-50, I'd say.
Dave: I'm a little leery of four points, but I think the Giants needed the week off. With the rest, I think they're the better team. I'll take 'em
Dave: Not that I really made any case for the Giants there. But still
Matt: I'll go with the Giants, too. I'm not sure the Eagles showed enough last week--not pounding a pretty middling team--to warrant taking them.

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