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Sunday Line Playoff Chatter, Take 4: Chargers at Steelers

Chargers (+6 1/2) at Steelers

Des: Gee, not a lot of road favorites this week, huh? I like the way the Chargers are playing the role of unexpected guest at the party, and I like the way they handled the red-hot Colts last week. Heck, I even like Philip Riv... well, let's not get too carried away. But this seems like enough points for me to take a dog that seems to have its title-contender act together. And who cares whether or not Tomlinson is ready to go? Sproles is the (wee) man!
Dave: So Des is on board with the Chargers, who also seem to be picking up fans these days
Matt: Some seem to think they have the Whiff of Destiny on them.
Dave: Yes, and there is reason to be a bit concerned about the Steelers. Their offense just hasn't been that good of late
Matt: It hasn't been all that good all season.
Dave: It's all Ben, who's been concussed
Matt: However, they still pulled off the cover-that-wasn't-a-cover against SD earlier this season, tho that was a dark time for the Chargers.
Dave: That was after scoring a FG to take the lead with about 15 seconds left, right? So that was a backdoor-cover-that-wasn't-a-cover.
Matt: Yeah, the TD was called off by the refs or something in a dark moment for many, many gamblers.
Matt: Then there's this: The Chargers are 0-13 at Pittsburgh in regular season games, but 2-0 in playoff games.
Dave: It seems the one reason to like the Steelers is their defense vs. the Chargers, which still gives up plenty of yards
Dave: There's also my contempt for the Chargers, which is still near-blinding and I hope is good for 3 or 4 points.
Matt: Yes, you truly loathe them.
Dave: I'm not sure if the Steelers can win by a TD, but they're still my pick to go to the Super Bowl, and I think they can ground-n-pound the Chargers back to .500. I'll take em.
Matt: I dunno, I think the Chargers are playing good enough right now, even without LDT, to keep this one within a TD, so I'll take them. Wow, three road teams. That can't be good.
Dave: It's gutty. or something
Dave: After citing the 55-17 straight-up stat. Good luck, sweet Bonesy
Matt: Exactly. I'm hoping the ATS record is much closer to .500.
Dave: That should do it. Maybe I'll call Des and persuade him to swing up to the sports books in Vegas
Matt: Ah, he'd probably be too tempted by the buffets in his ongoing quest to weigh 65 pounds by February.

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