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Super Bowl Chatter, Take 2: Prop Bets!

Dave: And now, from the folks at Bodog (Bodog: Gambling is cool!): exotic prop bets! First up:

Kurt Warner needs to pass for 364 yards to break Joe Montana's career record of 1,142 passing yards in the Super Bowl. Will he do it?

Matt: That's a lot of yards against a really good defense. Of course, Fitz could have 180 receiving yards at halftime.
Dave: It would certainly be good for the Cardinals' chances if he does. Pittsburgh allowed 157 passing yds. per game in the regular season, 200 in the playoffs.
Dave: Since I like the Steelers' chances, I'll say no.
Matt: Yeah, it's a bit much to ask of anyone. I'll say he doesn't do it.
Des: Warner already owns the top two passing yardage marks in Super Bowl history, with games of 414 (1999) and 365 (2001). But at some point, we do need to give it up for that fantastic Steelers D. I say Warner won't do it.

Willie Parker rushed for 93 yards in Super Bowl XL. Will he have more in Super Bowl XLIII?

Dave: I'm having trouble reaching a decision on this one
Des: It'll help if he breaks off a massive run like he did against the Seahawks. I say he does, and goes over 93 yards
Matt: The most the Cardinals have allowed in the playoffs this season is 63 rushing yards.
Matt: Held Michael Turner to 42, Westbrook to 45 (on only 12 carries, but still).
Matt: Parker killed the Chargers, did very little against the Ravens.
Des: yes, Zona's run defense has been surprisingly good. I just think Parker will get that one huge run to boost his stats
Dave: This goes back to whether the Cards take an early lead or not
Dave: I think the fact that Arizona has jumped out in every playoff game, and that it has forced turnovers, are the reasons for the low rushing totals.
Matt: I say this one is close enough that he doesn't get the ball a ton, and that the Cardinals' run defense holds firm with a mighty CAW!!! Parker doesn't do it. CAW!!!!
Dave: I'll say Willie does it.
Des: ha! In your cawing face, Matt!
Matt: He will heed my CAW!

How long will it take Jennifer Hudson to sing the national anthem? (Over/under: 1:54)

Matt: Toughest one of the day so far.
Dave: But will Jennifer Hudson heed your CAW? If so, if she actually ends up cawing, the anthem will have gone on far too long
Dave: This seems like a long anthem. I'm trying to find stats on this
Des: Where does that number come from? is that the average length of all previous SB anthem renditions?
Matt: Seeing as how she's likely to be singing to a recorded track, the possiblities for a fix here are endless.
Dave: It comes from our good friends at Bodog. (Bodog: Gambling is cool!) Where they got it, I don't know.
Matt: And considering that NBC will likely want to cram as many ads into the pregame as possible, I bet they got to pick the length of the track.
Des: she will definitely be lip-synching, that's a lock, it's what happens at all these huge events nowadays. Heck, Yo-Yo Ma cello-synched at the inauguration!
Matt: I know: I feel like a small piece of my childhood died when I learned Yo-Yo Ma did that.
Des: you mean the 5.2 seconds when you pondered becoming a concert cellist?
Dave: Yeah, the lip-synching is intriguing. And again, 1:54 seems like a big number for the anthem. I take the under.
Matt: I'll go with the under, for cynical advertising-related reasons.
Des: at the risk of sounding even more unbearably cynical, I think the tragic events surrounding Hudson's appearance make for a particularly, emotional, heart-rending rendition. I say she goes over.
Dave: I see Jordin Sparks clocked in at 1:38 last year. Jordin Sparks?!?!
Des: that leaves her with 13:22 left of fame

Yes or no: Bruce Springsteen will begin his halftime show with "Born to Run"

Matt: Born to Run is a rather lengthy song, no?
Dave: Well, it will be a medley, surely. I'm saying any part of "Born to Run" counts. We good with that?
Des: You know, a couple of years ago I won a few bucks from a buddy by betting him that the Stones would open their halftime performance with "Start Me Up." that was the biggest no-brainer, mortal-lock in history.
Matt: That was like picking against the Cardinals in the regular season: you just had to do it.
Matt: Nothing says "Super Bowl Halftime Extravaganza" like the lyrics: "It's a death trap, it's a suicide rap."
David: But commercial concerns love songs that could kinda-sorta be construed to fit their product if you're not listening to the lyrics.
Dave: Like CBS during March Madness several years back, when they played Pearl Jam's "Better Man," cuz you can't find a better man than in the NCAA tournament, right? Even though the song's about spousal abuse.
Dave: And Bruuuce has some experience with this, thanks to Ronald Reagan and "Born in the USA."
Matt: Here's what I think is gonna happen, in this order: 1. Glory Days. 2. Boring new song. 3. Boring new song. 4. Born to Run (joining in at "The highways jammed with broken heroes on a last-chance power drive.")
Des: anyway, this doesn't seem quite as much of a lock as Start Me Up, but I do think the Boss ain't gonna mess around and play a cut off "Nebraska." but I agree, Born to Run sounds more like the last song he'll play, much like the Stones ended w/Satisfaction, which I also won a few bucks by predicting.
Des: and btw, I strongly encourage everyone to make small bets all along the way during the SB, you know, like, who'll score next, which team commits the next penalty, which beer brand will have the next ad, that sort of thing. Really makes the SB a lot more fun.
Dave: I think Matt's got a pretty good idea. I'm not sure what he'll open with, but I'm convinced he'll close with "Born to Run." Gotta finish with "whoa-ho-ho-ho-hoooooo." So my answer is no.
Des: okay, we're all in agreement!
Matt: it's either that, or a peppy number like "Rosalita," for the ladies. But I can't see him opening with BTR.

Last one, and perhaps the easiest: What color bow tie will Bill Bidwell wear? For our purposes, the choices are red or the field.

Matt: Red.
Des: Is is a certainty that he will wear a bow tie?
Dave: Is it a push if he doesn't?
Des: I guess it is his trademark style, so let's assume he does. It would be cool if he wore a kente bow tie, but I think the pick here has to be red.
Matt: What if he wears an ever-trendy bolo tie?
Des: that would bring some Southwestern style to the proceedings
Dave: The bow tie is pretty much his trademark, and I can't imagine he wears anything other than red. Though maybe it will be some heavily patterned thingy, which would be the field. But I say dominant, likely totally, red
Dave: This because the Cardinals wear red
Des: ah, I see
Dave: They do have small elements of black and gold in the logo, but I don't think Bidwill will overthink that part of the equation
Matt: What if he wakes up and says, "You know, I'm gonna color-coordinate with the beak today."
Dave: CAW!
Matt: One last time: CAW!!!!!
Des: well, even though I took the Steelers to win by more than 7, I'd love to see a competitive game. So go Cards! at least for the first 55 minutes before Warner is sacked by Harrison, fumbles and Polamalu takes it to the house.
Des: you knew I had to get a Warner-fumbles prediction in here somewhere
Dave: I'll be working, so you know what? It doesn't matter much to me whether it's close or not. Just as long as the game doesn't last too ludicrously long.
Des: talk to Jennifer Hudson about that

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