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The Martellus Bennett Horoscope


"Jupiters_Crunch" is getting astrological this morning, with a not so PC horoscope. All signs point to poor taste:

10:27 AM, Aug 31
Jupiters_Crunch: Sagittarius. Today do the looking up give ur neck a rest from looking down on ppl. Don't be the one to cast the stone today. Bite ur tongue

10:25 AM, Aug 31
Jupiters_Crunch: Aries. Ur true beauty shall lead u thru the day. U shall get over on ppl numerous times due to it. Lol

10:23 AM, Aug 31
Jupiters_Crunch: Scorpio. Someone from ur past will return today and will provide that something u have been missing.

10:20 AM, Aug 31
Jupiters_Crunch: Capricorn. Do something different today break ur boring routine u call life. It will make u feel free

10:18 AM, Aug 31
Jupiters_Crunch: Cancer. U will discover something that will change ur world. Not our world jus urs lol. Loser.

10:17 AM, Aug 31
Jupiters_Crunch: Taurus. The ones u thought loved u really don't. How u handle it is key. Do u continue loving them or do u stop? This is the true test

10:14 AM, Aug 31
Jupiters_Crunch: Aquarius. Ohh ohhh. Today u will find out the truth to something that you've been wondering about for a while. It will bring peace and anger

10:12 AM, Aug 31
Jupiters_Crunch: Libra. Today will be a great day for you.

10:11 AM, Aug 31
Jupiters_Crunch: Gemini. Look both ways before crossing the streets u will see a major accident today jus don't be a part of it. Be careful wat u wish for.

10:09 AM, Aug 31
Jupiters_Crunch: Leo. U will 3 men/women u will fall in love with today but u can only one will love u back. Choose wisely outside isn't errthing jus 75%.

10:07 AM, Aug 31

Jupiters_Crunch: Virgo. U will have several blonde moments today making u feel extremely stupid. But remember u really aren't ur jus not as smart as Marty B

10:05 AM, Aug 31

Jupiters_Crunch: Pisces. Due to the lack of friends u have been able to make ur day will be lonely. But u won't have to worry about some stabbing u n the bak

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