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No Rush to Judgment

Editor's note: Mike will be posting a full column on this topic after PTI, so be sure check back for that tonight.

The market is telling Rush Limbaugh, rather loudly, it doesn't want what he sells. Undoubtedly there is support for Limbaugh in some quarters; my guess is there are NFL owners who share his brand of conservatism. But so far the voices that count the most, the ones that belong to people in the private club Limbaugh wants into, are shouting him down. Bad enough that players have, eloquently in some cases, said they wouldn't want to play for him. But now there's an owner, the Colts' Jim Irsay, on the record as saying he wouldn't vote to accept an ownership group that includes Limbaugh. And most important, the NFL Commissioner himself, Roger Goodell, is on record as saying that Limbaugh's public utterances as they relate to race, to African Americans specifically, are "divisive" and "polarizing."

When it first became public that Limbaugh was going to be part of Dave Checketts' group that was going to attempt to buy the St. Louis Rams it riled up black folks, specifically, which should come as no surprise. I've met Limbaugh. I've communicated with him on the issue of his being a part-owner of a franchise. One-on-one he comes across as approachable and open for any discussion. But his radio persona is another thing. I can't listen to his show because I'm too often offended by what he says about people of color.

I'm not going to try and give specific examples of things Limbaugh has said over the years because I screwed up already doing that, repeating a quote attributed to Limbaugh (about slavery) which he has told me he simply did not say and does not reflect his feelings. I take him at his word. But I do know I was deeply offended the few times I have listened to him and never understood why somebody this smart with his gift for communication had to be so nasty and, in my opinion, give cover to bigots everywhere under the guise of conservatism.

Clearly I'm not alone and clearly it's not only black people who have found certain comments offensive because Irsay and Goodell are white. The smartest expression I've heard on the entire subject came from Mathias Kiwanuka of the Giants, who said, "I am not going to draw a conclusion from a person off of one comment, but when it is time after time after time and there's a consistent pattern of disrespect and just a complete misunderstanding of an entire culture that I am a part of, I can't respect him as a man."

Irsay said Tuesday, "I would not be in favor of voting for him," and he labeled some of Limbaugh's comments "incendiary. ... We've got to watch our words in this world and our thoughts because they can do damage."

Mark Cuban, who owns the NBA's Dallas Mavericks, writes in his blog, "The problem with Rush is that its his job to take on all of life's partisan issues and problems. Not only is it his job to take on these issues and problems, its key to his success that he be very opinionated about whichever issues he feels are important to him and/or will cause his very large audience to tune in. Given that we will never know what the "next big issue " in this world that Rush will be discussing on his show is, its impossible for the NFL to even try to predict or gauge the impact on the NFL's business if something controversial, or even worse yet, something nationally polarizing happens. ...The wrong thing said on the show, even if its not spoken by Rush himself, about a sensitive national or world issue could turn into a Black Swan event for the NFL. ...This isn't about Free Speech. It's about the NFL protecting their business. There is no reason to put it at risk. If Rush were to retire from his show, or become a local DJ in Sacramento, or just about anything else he may want as a vocation, then I don't think they would have any problem with him being an investor in a team. ...Given the current set of circumstances, they would be crazy to approve him as an owner."

So Cuban's issue, at least as expressed in his blog, isn't even race. But in a league where nearly 70 percent of the players are black, race is a bigger issue here than financial risk, although it's difficult to separate the two probably when it comes to the way other NFL owners think about their investments. Ultimately, Limbaugh is smart enough to see what he's up against; that his own history of intolerance has created an atmosphere where people representing a rather broad spectrum of society, even a private club of men accustomed to wealth and privilege, don't want to grant him membership.


Michael Wilbon

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Mr. Wilbon,

I will be watching your columns regularly from now on.

You have great integrity to place the spotlight where it should shine on why Rush was denied his ownership by the NFL.

I know you are a sportswriter and were probably unprepared for the reaction of many who support the racist views of Limbaugh. While one media outlet may have misquoted one of his thousands of racist comments over the last 20 years....there is such a wealth of downright racist and unAmerican filth that this individual has spread.......most of these folks are only in this for the political angle and could care less for any honest discussion about the bigotry that this person spreads on a daily basis.

Rush is why America will continue to fall....because together as Americans we will stand...or we will be divided and fall as the other countries pick apart are weaknesses from within!

Rush was blocked from his entry into the club because all you have to do is go on youtube and see the totally racist filthy trash that he has spouted unabashedly for years from his own mouth. He mentioned McNabb six years big deal...many quaerterbacks get criticized....but to bring race into the discussion showed his true bigoted goals.

Michael Steele was castigated when he told the truth about this individual... "incendiary" he slipped out the truth for a sec....but because of his position he had to submit and come back into line.

An individual is not a group and to group one ethnic or minority group into one being as having all the same beliefs, values, and goals is very racist and ugly in this day and age. Many Amercians of all walks, color and creed work hard everyday to make this country great and the views of most Americans are very diverse on all sides of the spectrum.

The NFL is an organization which demonstrates every Sunday how great our country is when individuals of different backgrounds bond together for a common goal! Rush Limbaugh definitely is a detriment to the concept and goals of the NFL and unfortunately for America!

Posted by: strider3 | October 17, 2009 3:15 PM
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Mr. Wilbon, I only came to the Post to read your opinion of Rush after reading his piece in the WSJ today. The one where he calls you out....
I read most of the comments on your story, It seems most don't aggree with you. If you can't even listen to the man because of his racist comments, can you not even provide some of them?
Oh, that's right you already tried and screwed that up......

Posted by: DB18 | October 17, 2009 1:24 PM
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As a conservative and Rush listener, I take great offense to Wilbon's comments about Rush and his listeners. From reading his post, it is apparent that Wilbon does not listen to Rush but is simply relying on what others say about him, as evidenced by Wilbon repeating a false quote.

This is the problem. The liberal media and those on the left have declared Rush a racist. When forced to provide examples, they come up with false quotes that are later debunked. When the false quotes are debunked, they resort to what Wilbon wrote in his post, that he will not provide specific examples, but, hey, Rush is racist; we all know it; and besides other people say he's racist. Good argument, Wilbon.

Using your logic and reasoning, you're a racist. Do I have examples of you hating on white people, no, but I'm sure I could make up a few quotes and then come up with five or six people who would agree with me that you are a racist. So there, you're a racist.

Now that we've established that you're a racist, we should all boycott the Post, ESPN, and your advertisers until you are forced out. Fair? You didn't actually make the racist quotes? The five or six people who agree you are a racist don't know you, have never met you, and are relying on a false pereception of you? So what! This is your standard, not mine.

Posted by: erc4590 | October 17, 2009 10:31 AM
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it is a shame we again missed an opportunity to discuss different views on race as you and others like sharpton and jackson hide behind the usual liberal orthodoxy when it comes to race relations.Those who listen regularly to rush know he is anything but a racist but he does have a different view than the knee jerk and politically correct one which conservatives believe have devestaed the black family and the cities in which they live.This conservative philosophy is surely worth a conversation or two since it is so completely misunderstood by you and other liberals the worst thing to do is to censor any conversation.In closing I refer to the writings of thomas sowell walter williams and other black conservatives,thanks.

Posted by: jdun3 | October 16, 2009 4:48 PM
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Your credibility is diminished by your total failure (despite numerous -- ignored -- notices to you on Post discussions) to concede that you may have been wrong to trumpet assuredly that the Ft. Hill football players hurled racial slurs at Dunbar.

The City Paper reports all investigations of this were closed without a finding that anything happened, largely because Dunbar did not cooperate. The City Paper strongly implies that the Dunbar coach pulled his team after three valid penalties were assessed so as not to lose.

Where do the Ft. Hill players go to get to get their reputations back? Clearly, not from you, so please do not lecture people on race.

Posted by: foozler | October 16, 2009 9:05 AM
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Mr. Wilbon,

You lost me as a listener and reader.

50 years ago white bigots prevented blacks from living their dreams. Now you as a black knee-jerk bigot, use your position to prevent a white man from living his. It must feel good. But in the long run you will feel empty.

It is sad our country has simply changes with the roles reversed.

Martin Luther King had it right. I was tought well. I'm sorry you were not.

By the way, did it ever cross your mind to ever think why a racist would want to own a business where the employees and business partners were 85% black. Just some food for thought.

Posted by: kenmary7 | October 15, 2009 7:33 PM
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Are you offended by what Rush Limbaugh says about all people of certain color or are you offended by what he says about certain people who happen to be colored?

You claimed to have listened a few times. Therefore, your brain is not cluttered with a lot of Rush Limbaugh quotes. In other words, it surely must be easy for you to accurately quote Limbaugh's offensive racist remarks that caused you to turn him off. If he is a racist, I want to be outraged too.

So tell us. What have you heard Limbaugh say that categorically applies to all people of a certain color? Don't confuse it with what he says about certain people of color. I want to know what he said that was offensive and racist as it pertains to all people of a certain color.

Otherwise, say what you are truly meaning. Say that you are offended by Limbaugh's politics. Don't treat Limbaugh in such a way where all of a sudden, in your world, it becomes difficult to distinguish between racism and ideology. Otherwise you look like a defenseless idiot debating ideology and you must resort to baseless race baiting to discount an opposing argument.

If this is true of you Mr. Wilbon, you are at least in good company with your collegues at the Post.

Posted by: houndstooth | October 15, 2009 2:38 PM
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Michael Wilbon Rote the following:

"I'm not going to try and give specific examples of things Limbaugh has said over the years because I screwed up already doing that, repeating a quote attributed to Limbaugh (about slavery) which he has told me he simply did not say and does not reflect his feelings. I take him at his word. But I do know I was deeply offended the few times I have listened to him and never understood why somebody this smart with his gift for communication had to be so nasty and, in my opinion, give cover to bigots everywhere under the guise of conservatism."

This is outragous. Michael Wilbon is trying to figure out how to save himself from the fact he LIED about Limbaugh. Michael Wilbon had better take sometime on PTI to apologize without his lame excuse that Bigots are Conservative. That comment alone has no basis in fact. Saying Bigots are Liberals is just as lame and based on Michael Wilbon, true. MICHAEL WILBON we are all Americans and we would appreciate you joining us at some point.

Posted by: austinmrk | October 15, 2009 1:33 PM
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Wilbon is a liar. It is worth noting that Mr. Tony did not participate in the dissemination of a lie. Wilbon was always a second tier guy. Apparently, that wasn't low enough for him. He has decided to dig deeper and become a full blown propagandist.

Posted by: Art3 | October 15, 2009 1:03 PM
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THe fact that MW misquotes stuff from the Internet proves what a narrow minded group of slackers comprise the media.

MW should be writing a letter to Rush (he would demand an apology from Rush if he dissed a black guy) and it should be published in TWP.

Disgusting - good thing TWP owns Kaplan....

Posted by: ravioliman6666 | October 15, 2009 12:58 PM
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Wilbon is a coward. Rather than tell the truth about Rush, he goes along with the race baiting crowd because to stand up to them would mean they'd come after him.

I used to enjoy his commentary. No more Wilbon for me.

Posted by: bandmom22 | October 15, 2009 12:55 PM
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Posted by: endiku
Rush pokes and prods the race baiters by being blunt in his observations. Case in point he said the "media wanted McNab to do well because they wanted to see a black quarterback succeed". He didn't want McNab to do better or worse because McNab is black. He simply said McNab wasn't performing as well as was being reported and that was his explaination on why. Pretty simple. If you read more into that particular story it says more about you than Rush.

Huh? Read more into the story? It's obvious you wouldn't understand the magnitude of this comment because your not even for one second viewing it from an african-americans stand point your own ignorance to this clearly displays your racism.

If Al Sharpton was to get on ESPN as a host and Say the only reason Tim Tebow won the heisman is because he's White and he can run the football. As a caucasian Would you view that comment as being racist?

Posted by: Megaonlineprofits | October 15, 2009 11:57 AM
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It's so wonderful to see that money can't buy everything! It's even MORE wonderful to see that what goes around, comes around. Rush Limbaugh can dish it out, but now we'll see how he takes it and who he'll blame! It's NEVER himself!! This rejection couldn't happen to a more deserving guy!

Posted by: Maerzie | October 14, 2009 10:51 PM
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Rush's critics are weak liberals that cannot engage in an effective argument to defend their angry Socialist agendas. So, what they do to undermine Conservatives is whip out their old tattered predictable race card. In this case they glaringly buy into the lies of concocted statements Rush did not make. They are hacks, slanderous smarmy hacks. Rush has been very patient up until now about the fabricated statements he has been tagged with. Rush, with his extensive resources will b itch slap the scum that has tried to damage his reputation. Those that have propagated and promoted the garbage...NBC, ESPN, etc will rue the day they jumped on their own Racist bandwagon

Posted by: FraudObama | October 14, 2009 9:05 PM
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Wilbon proclaimed Rush a Racist on PTI last night. And that will be the last night I watched PTI.

Posted by: FraudObama | October 14, 2009 8:55 PM
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The hate-filled campaign against Rush is nothing more than McCarthyism and blacklisting of conservatives. Rush is no more a racist than Wilbon and it is shameful the way Wilbon's network, ESPN, is leading the McCarthyism against Rush. I am a plaintiffs civil rights lawyer and fight racism on a daily basis and what is happening in this case is sad and shameful and ESPN and Wilbon would do well to do some self reflecting on this issue

Posted by: gagalbert | October 14, 2009 8:51 PM
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Too bad we can't use the same rules for housing huh!! I wonder why??? really shouldn't matter if you have $$$ or a special club. That's why were USA!!!

Posted by: LongTimeSkinsFan | October 14, 2009 8:11 PM
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I agree with Mark Cuban. Racist or not, Rush is an entertainer who views it as his job to get people worked up. The other owners mostly keep a low profile - they may or may not agree with Rush Limbaugh, Michael Moore, or whoever - we don't know because they keep their opinions quiet. The NFL has made bzillions and achieved huge popularity by being apolitical and inoffensive whenever possible. I don't see how 30 owners plus the citizens of Green Bay would get along with Rush when he makes it his business to not get along with anyone.

Posted by: didnik | October 14, 2009 8:01 PM
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Rush has been dropped from Checkett's group and even Dave Checketts has confirmed it. Anything Rush tries away from his fully controlled and managed radio show craters.

All we can hope for now is that Rush will be Rush and not take the news with any level of dignity or control. Thursday will be a fun day for Rush haters and Rush acolytes. The volcano is gonna spew big.

Posted by: roboturkey | October 14, 2009 7:14 PM
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I just love how Wilbon gets to say anything he wants without supporting facts or arguments. Wilbon skips right to judgement. It goes to show that this column is not about sports, it's about Wilbon. Wilbon feels offended, Rush must have been offensive. Wilbon feels outraged, Rush must have done something outrageous. No sense of introspection or thoughtfulness here at all. Wilbon, do you think at all?

Posted by: Waulfgang | October 14, 2009 7:10 PM
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Rush appeals to the anger and frustration of a lot of people on many different levels -- political, economic, cultural and, yes, racial. That is his schtick. He creates sterotypical straw men and then systematically tears them apart to the delight of his audience. It's a combination of childishness and bad manners designed to offend as many people as it attracts. It's also plain mean as Wilbon notes. His commentary mocking Michael Fox and his Parkinsons disease was pathetic and offensive. It's not necessary to catalogue his specific quotes to prove who and what he represents -- it's all bile and venom. He looks for extreme positions as in his comment that he sides with Iran and the Taliban on the awarding of the Nobel prize to Obama. These are not the kind of qualities business people want in their partners.

Posted by: SackMan | October 14, 2009 7:01 PM
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Once again we see the omnipresent race card played without offering any supporting evidence. At least Wilbon admits he can't give any examples. That is the depth to which we've sunk - to be able to recklessly and irresponsibly smear someone without fear of being held accountable...and to casually add that you can't really back up your comments. If everything is racism, nothing is. This race card stuff has got to stop. It is a given that Wilbon is and has always been obsessed with race, but this is a new low for him.

Posted by: jplegend | October 14, 2009 6:29 PM
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Let’s not forget that one of the owners of the Carolina Panthers is the owner of BET (Black entertainment Television, as well as being a member of other bigoted “Black only” factions) - basically a racist curriculum discriminating other races. Yet nothing is said about this since we live in a world of double standards.

Posted by: SammyB1 | October 14, 2009 6:13 PM
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Mr. Wilbon a well written article. I appreciate you perspective on the financial and social issues and the timing of your article after Mr. Irsay's statement an owner. Mark Cuban another owner stating a financial downturn.
Roger Goddell was still too slow and not forceful enough in his issued statements according to his moral and conduct codes the ownership question should have been removed imeediately.
Rush brings enough heat and with that heat a lack of thought, integrity, morals or AMERICAN ideals. To America's shame there are a fearful and shrinking vocal group of people who forgot that the Civil War was fought and won by the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Posted by: zariah | October 14, 2009 5:52 PM
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Who in their right mind wouldn't want to play for the ultimate Capitalist, Rush Limbaugh? You know there would be plenty of perks..

Posted by: SMWE357 | October 14, 2009 5:37 PM
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LOL. The infamous I'm not racist statement.

"I'm not racist, I have a black assistant and or friends..."

Gimme a break already people...

Posted by: Megaonlineprofits | October 14, 2009 5:28 PM
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Limbaugh aside...the real issue here, in regards to ownership, is that the NFL is a group of 32 business partners. They do have a right to screen prospective partners for what ever reason. If they do not like somebody's 'mustache', then they can vote to not bring them in as a business partner...that is how it is. The only exception is if they violate the law. For example: We don't want that person because he/she is black, or white, or gay, or christian....etc...

What the public comments have already demonstrated is Limbaugh is too controversial for the NFL....and yes, Cuban did nail need getting in a snit, it won't would alienate too many potential customers or candidate please...

Posted by: arioch666 | October 14, 2009 5:21 PM
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And who gonna buy a NFL team? A left-wing? A liberal? How can they be rich if they are anti-business and anti-capitalism? Liberal Democrats believed in non-violence. Look at the peace marches. they cannot fight back with punches because they are non-violence
preachers. The conservative Republicans are pro-sports. The liberals hated PE and
athletic and the NCAA and the NFL.
oh and see:
Dark Thoughts. by Jon Entine. If the NFL is 70 percent African-
American, why are there so few black quarterbacks? And while we're at
it, why is the NFL 70 ...

Posted by: Rockvillers | October 14, 2009 5:18 PM
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Never call yourself a journalist, Mr. Wilbon. If you do, you will be saying something you believe to be false. First, you're caught trafficking in defamation, attributing fabricated quotes to Limbaugh. Second, after you're caught, you continue calling Limbaugh intolerant, and implying that he is a racist, without citing ONE SINGLE EXAMPLE.

Pathetic and shameless.

Posted by: Kryon777 | October 14, 2009 4:58 PM
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Here's real genius -- people rant at Wilbon for not giving specific examples. He says he's listened enough times to be offended -- that's his fact. You can't dispute that.

So the test to each individual is have you heard enough to form your opinion - is he offensive to you, or would he be offensive to you if you were in the same circumstance (this is called being fair-minded...)

This kind of reminds me of people who dismiss someone's anger by saying "He just has a bad temper." Well, that doesn't cut it with me, I don't have to put up with his anger.... So if Rush is just being Rush when he says those things, too bad I don't have to listen...

To those who say the purchase is a private business matter, I'm not won over by that argument. Mark Cuban has been fined and chastised himself for exercising his speech on certain matters so potentially Rush's on-air comments would be held to league standards. Of course, that would get the ALCU on Rush's side -- what a hoot!! Oh, it's ok to agree with the ALCU if they agree with you (see current Supreme Court case on free speech by business/PACs during campaigns). The Right just derides the ALCU when they are on the other side... So you want to trust these guys??

Posted by: BwkDawg1 | October 14, 2009 4:44 PM
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I thank mr. limbaugh should be able to say what he wants. This is America.

Why dont Mr. Farrakahn have a radio show?
Because America could not take it day to day.

Could he get corporate sponser? NO

If you listen to him daily your a racist simple as that.

Posted by: shamken | October 14, 2009 4:27 PM
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Some more quotes from "colorblind Limbaugh"

"We are being told that we have to hope [Obama] succeeds, that we have to bend over, grab the ankles ... because his father was black."
"I do believe" Obama is an "angry black guy."
"[I]n Obama's America, the white kids now get beat up with the black kids cheering."
"Obama's entire economic program is reparations."
Obama is "more African in his roots than he is American" and is "behaving like an African colonial despot."

This guy is a half-wit.

Posted by: Hoffmann1 | October 14, 2009 4:24 PM
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Rush isn't any more racist than Henry Louis Gates, he just has the scarlet letter (R) behind his name. If he were a Democrat, he'd be welcomed with open arms..

Posted by: SMWE357 | October 14, 2009 4:14 PM
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You know... I grow tired of people making this out to be a big deal... Since when has the NFL or for that matter any other liberal commentator been "civil"? This is a ridiculous double standard that is infected by an equal form of prejudice that smacks of hipocrisy... The man has a right to pursue his dreams and investments just like we all do... he has done better for himself that most of us so we choose to love Bill Maher, Michael Moore, Keith Olbermann and Ms Huffington... Rahm Emmanuel... Tawana Brawley, Duke... etc... I mean... this guy represents a MASSIVE number of Americans that are sick of the welfare state, high taxes, elevated crime, class warfare that vilifies the educated, traditional families and people that took care of themselves and stayed clean... I did not walk that path... I was screwed up and had to GET clean... but I never bought into class warfare... I never felt like anyone owed me a single thing... and he stands for the people that get disgusted by people who feel they are owed something... 2 Masters degrees later and a PMP, I am now unemployed and wondering where my next check will come from... but it certainly is not my place to look outside and feel bitter for the haves!!! Limbaugh deserves the right to own a team if he has the means... whining that he does not believe as you do is childish... "Grow up Peter Pan... Count Chocula!"

Posted by: grummybear | October 14, 2009 4:14 PM
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got some real freakin' wingnuts commenting on your blog entry mike. rush must have called out his sycophants to respond.

Posted by: ewww | October 14, 2009 4:06 PM
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maybe Rush got all his "nastiness" from all the black rage, hate, and nastiness eminating from forums such as yours!

Posted by: bestmick1 | October 14, 2009 3:57 PM
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Re: Redskin Country

This comment is ridiculous. You don't want to listen to Jimmy Johnson? Who DO you want to listen to? Surrounding yourself with sycophants works out great - just ask Elvis and Michael Jackson.

And by the way - NO Redskin fan should be allowed to comment on race without first sending a certified letter of complaint to the Redskins and Roger Goodell for Washington's continual mockery of Native Americans. Are you kidding me? After a nearly complete genocide, you want to put them on a helmet? What if Germany had a soccer team called the Berlin Kikes - would that be fine?

Hey - if you want to be a fascist, then be one. If you want to be a racist, then just be it, but shut up with this constant, ridiculous denial.

Posted by: spaceman2 | October 14, 2009 3:43 PM
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just because his assistant is black does not negate the fact that limpaw is a raving hate-filled racist.can you say michael steele? the house_______ for the repug party.
just because he is jealous of any successful black person, athelete, entertainer how about president of the united states,should not be the only reason he be denied ownership in the nfl,but that he wishes this country fail and he is an admitted drug abuser should weigh heavier on him being denied.

Posted by: ninnafaye | October 14, 2009 3:43 PM
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As a young broadcaster in the 1970s, Limbaugh once told a black caller: "Take that bone out of your nose and call me back." A decade ago, after becoming nationally syndicated, he mused on the air: "Have you ever noticed how all composite pictures of wanted criminals resemble Jesse Jackson?"

In 1992, on his now-defunct TV show, Limbaugh expressed his ire when Spike Lee urged that black schoolchildren get off from school to see his film Malcolm X: "Spike, if you're going to do that, let's complete the education experience. You should tell them that they should loot the theater, and then blow it up on their way out."

In a similar vein, here is Limbaugh's mocking take on the NAACP, a group with a 90-year commitment to nonviolence: "The NAACP should have riot rehearsal. They should get a liquor store and practice robberies."

Statements like these are what the NFL is wary of. Do they really want to be associated with someone who spews this type of venom?

Posted by: jdwilliams | October 14, 2009 3:42 PM
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Well Wilbon, what can I say except that my respect for you has declined for the first time ever. You cite no specific examples but claim to have been offended by Limbaugh. It's a shameful retreat from your usual logic and good common sense. I'm quite disappointed.

The fact is that this is a private sale and what the media thinks about it is irrelvant.

Posted by: MyOhMy | October 14, 2009 3:34 PM
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Anyone who has listened to Limbaugh for more than 5 seconds knows that he thinks that his disguised racist, anti other than Christian, pro wealthy corporation, comments are fooling everyone. But anyone with an IQ over 100 knows that Limbaughs entire living has been made giving cover to racists, anti anyone not Christian, anti whoever is angry about anything that is politically incorrect. Limbaugh cannot simply now say, "hey I was just trying to make a living by helping racists and hate mongers feel better about themselves", and expect it to all go away.

What if Obama had said about the whole Rev Wright thing, "look I was never really a believer, I just knew that I needed to pretend to be a member of his church if I wanted to get elected in Chicago". First of all very few would have believed him, and even if they did they would then have to face the fact that there is a certain amount of BS in his persona. Now it may be absolutely true that Limbaugh is simply an actor who is really a total liberal on race, sexual orientation, drugs (well his behavior would indicate that he is actually quite in favor of recreational drug use), religion, whatever, but at some point one has to say that he simply played the part too long and too well for anyone to believe he is anything other than what he seems to be. Limbaugh is a hate monger who shouldn't even be allowed on the radio, much less into the NFL.

Posted by: bjuhasz | October 14, 2009 3:20 PM
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Ironic that the founder of APORN would get a club in a new york minute.......assuming the govt could take enough money fromn working people to give to him so he could afford an NFL club.

Posted by: smc635 | October 14, 2009 3:14 PM
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After libeling Rush with a quote from nowhere but your imagination your follow up (retraction?) persists in the general alegation. This time with no specific example, despite three hours of his rhetoric a day to draw examples from. Could it be that NO defensible example of this supposed 'race baiting' exists.

Millions of this mans words are availiable within a few mouse clicks. If you cannot find ANY example to use against him what does that tell you?

You were offended by your POLITICAL prejudices and nothing else.

Posted by: onlytheobvious | October 14, 2009 3:14 PM
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Wilbon will do anything to play the race card. Yet he won't write about the Caps unless their in the playoffs or to knock the fighting in Hockey. Black QB, Front office you name it. How come he doesn't complain about the lack of white NBA players? Just another Sharpton/ Jesse Jackson race card player.

Posted by: hessone | October 14, 2009 3:11 PM
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Mr Wilbon

Rush Limbaugh is obviously a divisive voice on the airwaves which is what he gets paid big bucks to do. There are people who swear by him and those who swear at him. Much like politics, i believe the truth lies somewhere in the middle which is why on long drives btwn CT and DC, i will put up with some of his entertainment.
That said, my mother is from Chile and while i don't consider myself a person of color, i have been offended numerous times at what i consider his stereotyping of hispanics in this country, much less the offensive comments he makes about black people.
When Rush goes on these rants, i simply switch the dial. But the whole story changes if he is going to be a high profile owner of a company where the majority of his employees would be minorities. It's tough to seperate his true beliefs with the radio persona.
It just should not happen.

Posted by: LWinCT | October 14, 2009 3:07 PM
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It amazes me how many of you can just make claims with no proof.

You say

"I'm not going to try and give specific examples of things Limbaugh has said over the years because I screwed up already doing that"

That's really because there aren't any and when you did try to site one you were wrong. Rush speaks on the radio daily. If he ever said any of the things you are accusing him of they would be easily found in the public record.

Posted by: dilbert_observer | October 14, 2009 3:04 PM
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Hey...all you race baiters...ever heard of Bo Snerdley, that is Rush's long time assistant, close friend and confidant...Bo happens to be an African you think one of your brothers sits there for the last 20 years listening to Rush doll out racist comments? Seriously! Oh, I guess Bo gets a pass or Bo isn't Black because he is a Conservative...does Wilbon even know of Bo very careful when you support someone being blackballed largely based on lies...if you support that on Rush you accept it for yourself...

Posted by: CdnObserver | October 14, 2009 3:02 PM
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I love Rush, but Cuban nailed it. No way he can continue to do what he does on the radio as an owner. No way..

Posted by: SMWE357 | October 14, 2009 3:01 PM
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While I don't like Rush, I see no reason that he should be *prevented* from an ownership stake. Heck, Dan Snyder should be prevented because of his football ineptitude. Do we start policing the ethics of the owners? Remember Marge Schott of the Phillies, describing Eric Davis and the other African Americans as 'boys'? I believe that Jim Irsay is in the minority view among the owners anyway. In fact, there was a recent Wall Street Journal report that noted how NFL and College football coaches skew overwhelmingly Republican. It would come as no surprise that the owners skew that way as well. Being offensive (to many Americans) while simultaneously loved (to many other Americans) should not stop Rush from playing owner. If he fields an all white team, then we'll know that he is breaking the EEOC rules and such. Until then, let the BIG FAT IDIOT waste his money pursuing his football wet dream.

Posted by: redstriped | October 14, 2009 2:47 PM
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Limbaugh made a Faustian deal. he sold his soul and forfeited respectability.
he can have wealth, fame but he can't have the respectability that would come with being in the elite club of NFL owners.

Posted by: georgetirebiter | October 14, 2009 2:45 PM
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How do so many well educated people have such uninformed opinions. Anyone who believes Rush is racist has never listened to the show for more than 5 seconds. Is it racist to believe people should stand up for themselves no matter what skin color? Is being color blind the criteria for being a racist because Rush's advocacy on race has always simply been that race shouldn't matter. Dr. King said to judge content by character and not by skin color. Rush says the same thing. I suppose those who do want to be looked at by their race first would be offended by this.

Rush pokes and prods the race baiters by being blunt in his observations. Case in point he said the "media wanted McNab to do well because they wanted to see a black quarterback succeed". He didn't want McNab to do better or worse because McNab is black. He simply said McNab wasn't performing as well as was being reported and that was his explaination on why. Pretty simple. If you read more into that particular story it says more about you than Rush.

Posted by: endiku | October 14, 2009 2:45 PM
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LOL! Of course I know what the automatic Liberal response to this is going to be, but you should know that his long-time call screener is African-American as is one of his regular guest hosts.

But instead attacking with the "I can't be racist, I have black friends" kanard; put aside your own bigotry for a second and ask yourself this, would a truly racist man turn over control of his show to a person that is not of his own race?

All Limbaugh is now doing is showing who the real intolerant people are.

Posted by: CapsNut | October 14, 2009 2:43 PM
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Since today is seems like the rich and powerful can get away with anything, it's refreshing to see at least one rich and powerful person squirming in the limelight of his own hate-filled rhetoric and lurid history. However, Rush Limbaugh lives in a bubble and will never understand why there are people who don't want him in the NFL; to him it's persecution for his politics, and he will never change. If they let him in, the NFL will have no one but themselves to blame.

Posted by: mozartgroupie | October 14, 2009 2:41 PM
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There shouldn't even be any speculation on this issue. Anyone with a half of brain knows the Nightmare that would occur if RL was awarded ownership of an NFL Cheer leading team much less a club.
Lets not speculate on WHAT would happen and just let it be known that it's Not Happening so on to the next headline...

Posted by: Megaonlineprofits | October 14, 2009 2:35 PM
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Memo to Wilbon: Listen closely, this is Redskin country, nobody wants to hear what Jimmy Johnson has to say about our team. Don't fraternize with the enemy.

Limbaugh is just a bad joke. That he somehow became successful, is a reflection of everything that is bad in this nation.

Posted by: VegasJim | October 14, 2009 2:32 PM
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Trying to claim that he (Limbaugh) is not a racist is outrageous. The American Public has had a good look at him for the past 20 years and he is not fooling anyone. In fact, his fans love his race baiting. He offers no solutions, just twisted logic.

Posted by: Hoffmann1 | October 14, 2009 2:30 PM
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Re the Limbaugh slavery quote: it was an outrageous statement, and no one questioned that Limbaugh would say something like that. Limbaugh needs to face facts: he has a problem with black people. He can declaim all day and night that he doesn't, but when you pull together all his racist comments over the past twenty years, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near him. He's radioactive.

And this is all turning into an intellectual exercise -- there is no way Roger Goodell would want a PR nightmare like Rush Limbaugh in "the club". Goodell has enough nightmares with Vick, Burress, et al.

Posted by: EAHarrison | October 14, 2009 2:12 PM
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