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NFL report card: Week 7

This is what happens when you have some very good teams and some very stinky teams: six games Sunday were decided by 28 points or more. Don't remember there ever being this many awful teams in the NFL at once. Tampa's the worst, and could actually go 0-16. But St. Louis could go winless as well. Two winless teams? Well, the Washington Redskins will have contributed to those records, having beaten both teams...

The 3 best games of week 7

Saints over Dolphins...Miami dominated the game for most of the first three quarters, led by 21 points at one point, and damned if Drew Brees wasn't still there, handing off to an overpowering group of runners. Mike Bell and Pierre Thomas carrying the big load enable Reggie Bush do less but be much more effective...Drew Brees, even if trailing, doesn't even have to throw it all the time for the Saints offense to explode...Winning on the road after being down that far was more impressive than beating Giants at home...Dolphins pass catchers choked down the stretch...Nerves seem to paralyze the entire team once the Saints withstood a flurry and starting swinging back...

Steelers over Vikings...Steelers get 14 points from their defense on plays of 82 and 77 yards that victimized Brett Favre in the fourth quarter to trump Favre, Adrian Peterson and Percy Harvin...Defense can't really dominate games in the NFL anymore, not with all the rules tilting the field toward offense...but great defenses can still decide games late and the Steelers' D did just that, forcing Favre into the kind of turnovers that make you wonder what he'll be like in the second half of the season...

Texans over 49ers...Who knew Alex Smith, the former overall No. 1 pick, was still even playing for the Niners? He nearly led a comeback worthy of Montana and Young. Houston, though fortunate in some ways to hold on, starting to at times look like the playoff team some of us expected them to be from Day 1...

Told you so

Can't brag on picking the Colts, Patriots and Packers...those were too easy, but I will take some credit for picking:

Cowboys over Atlanta...This doesn't mean Dallas is really any good, just that the Falcons aren't ready yet to go on the road and beat established teams...

Chargers over Chiefs...Let's see if the Chargers act now as if they've done something because they beat pathetic K.C. Still the most underachieving team in the league but they did win a game they had to...

Pardon these picks

Dolphins over Saints...Somehow, I don't feel regret making this pick. I was convinced Miami would win and felt great about the pick at 24-3 Miami...But the Saints patience in sticking with the running game and Gregg Williams defense adjusting to stop the Wildcat was all very impressive...How cool this is for the people of Louisiana...

Carolina over Bills...Panthers stink, largely because Jake Delhomme is done. There's no other way to spin it; he's done. It was a nice run. Losing to Bills at home is unforgivable...The whole Carolina program is in need of an overhaul...Paging Bill Cowher???

Raiders over Jets...Just plain dumb. I know better than to pick the Raiders, or should know. How do you allow more than 300 rushing yards and fail to score a touchdown...AT HOME...JaMarcus Russell could be the worst NFL QB since Heath Shuler, which is going some.


Michael Wilbon

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I'm from the UK and watched the game over here for the 3rd year running.

Whilst I love going to the games at Wembley Stadium, please tell the NFL that to have a franchise over here would be a terrible decision.

Most fans at that game have their own teams to support. I went to the game even though I'm a Bears fan and have been since I saw my first game in 1982. I can't or won't change to support a team based in London and neither will most other fans. The support won't last and it's doomed to failure.

Shame the Bucs made the Pats look like the 1974 Steelers. How can a league famous for parity look like having 3 0-16 teams in the last 2 years? (can't see the Bucs or Rams winning this year)

Posted by: alhotch | October 28, 2009 11:26 AM
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Nice results this week;
Toss aside the Carolina and Oakland games--

Bill Parcells had his teachable moment for Sparano: How you will protect future leads, according to circumstance

Please tell Jay Cutler that it would be a bad idea to start hanging out with Cade McNown; there's still time to avoid what happened in Denver (or is there?)

Posted by: McLuhan | October 27, 2009 12:34 PM
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Hey, Mike, you wanna hear somethin' funny?

"I'm swayed by Richard Seymour's guarantee that the Raiders will make the playoffs... the Jets are going to fly west and find the same fate as the Eagles did last week."

BWAAAA-HA-HA-HA! "Richard Seymour's guarantee"! That's HYSTERICAL!

A national columnist lets a defensive end talk him into not noticing the team has the worst, quarterback, EVER.

Posted by: peasporridgecold | October 26, 2009 7:01 AM
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Mike - could a combined "all-star" team of Carolina and Chicago players make a wild card spot?

Posted by: flyertalk | October 25, 2009 8:54 PM
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