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Week 4 Victory Dance

Guess who's 10-2 and waiting to see if he's 11-2? (Hint: he's pictured above and his picks are highlighted here.)

The Three Best Games of Week 4

Broncos over Cowboys, 17-10

Brandon Marshall's catch-and-run to put Denver ahead was easily the play of the day, and now we have to stop saying that the Broncos haven't beaten anybody. After spotting the Cowboys a 10-0 lead, Denver stuffed Tony Romo, sacking him five times.

Imagine this: Kyle Orton is 4-0 and looked so much better in this game than Romo, who missed one wide receiver after another, many of them open, until the end of the game, when he hit a big one on fourth-and-3. Why Romo would throw 16 times at future Hall of Famer Champ Bailey in one game is beyond me and, for that matter, is beyond good sense. The Cowboys are 2-2 and you have to wonder who's going to be on a hotter seat, Coach Wade Phillips or Romo.

Bengals over Browns, 23-20 in OT

Okay, the Battle of Ohio doesn't score high on artistic impression .. .. . but .. .. . we're talking in-state rivals going down to the final play of OT. This is precisely the kind of game the Bengals historically lose. But Carson Palmer and Ocho Cinco had enough in them to make you wonder whether Cincinnati (3-1) can get back to where it was a couple of years ago before Palmer's knee injury.

Patriots over Ravens, 27-21

A gut-check game for the former champs. Tom Brady played probably his best game and certainly his most meaningful, hanging in there for a 15-round decision in a heavyweight fight. But Joe Flacco, in getting Baltimore in position to win on the road, stood toe-to-toe with The Golden Boy. Still, this is the best evidence yet that the Patriots have some championship stuff left in them.

Told You So

Saints over Jets

Okay, we knew the New Orleans offense was great, but how about Gregg Williams' defense? Yes, Gregg Williams. That guy. Getting it done. The Saints harassed the Jets all over the field and forced Mark Sanchez into some killer INTs.

Miami over Buffalo

Why did people think the Bills were going to win this game against a desperate Miami team that saved its season by winning?

(And by the way, of the six truly dreadful teams in the NFL -- Detroit, Oakland, Cleveland, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Kansas City -- the worst by far is Tampa, which I actually think could go winless this season and the Lions actually aren't awful. Tampa had absolutely no chance of driving down the field to score on that final drive of the game, partly because the Redskins defense played pretty well but mostly because Tampa seems pretty incompetent on almost every level.)

Pardon These Three Picks

Ha, I didn't miss three! I missed two -- Tennessee over Jacksonville. Okay, I didn't think that much of the Titans coming into the season; I didn't have them making the playoffs, but I certainly did not have the Titans at 0-4. Does Albert Haynesworth's absence mean that much? Rodney Harrison fried the defense on NBC and he and Tony Dungy called for a change to Vince Young, with which I agree. The Titans are done. As for picking the Browns, well, at least they fell in overtime.


Michael Wilbon

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I personaly Dis-like Foot Ball, after I ran into Bloomington IU working with the government to Take the land of a Church to make it a parking lot to cover up the findings of EMP an EMF illness on the climb for a cell phone tower is on the churches land, the So called game plane was take the land covery on the problem take all the money.

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Posted by: WindSong | October 7, 2009 8:57 AM
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Way to go "Flying Trees" Now, if you could write commentaries 1/50 th as good as Wilbon, maybe you could get a job with the Post - selling subscriptions at the local supermarket, behind your very own kiosk.

Posted by: US-conscience | October 6, 2009 12:28 AM
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Hey that's some trick...picking the WINNERS straight up -not against the point spread like the rest of us. Big frigging woop Wilbon. As always-the Master of the Obvious.

I went 10-5 against the spread last week and 12-3 ATS last week. Overall I'm 40-20 ATS for the season- which i'm sure trumps your season's straight up picks anyway. Where's my column?? How bout be a man and pick against the spread next time for once. We're not children so please don't write columns dedicated to them.

Posted by: flyingtrees | October 5, 2009 2:59 PM
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Congrats Mike, but I got you beat by one game. Missed the Ravens-Pats game. To Purpleeagle you must be a lowly deadbirds fan. When is the last time your team won the Superbowl? Last I saw your team was like the Bills who got there but never won it (except 1981, wow that was ages ago!!LMAO). No one expects the Redskins to be there but when we do get there, we know how to win!

Posted by: maspika | October 5, 2009 1:52 PM
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Don't you mean "of the SEVEN truly dreadful teams in the NFL - Detroit, Oakland, Cleveland, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Kansas City, WASHINGTON."

Posted by: PurpleEagle | October 5, 2009 1:31 PM
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Nice blog post.

Posted by: ThisGuy | October 5, 2009 11:14 AM
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