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Pick Against Mike: Week 10

Editors Note: After reading Wilbon's picks, test your prognostication skills by playing Post Pro Picks. And yes, Wilbon already picked the Bears-Niners game.

Okay, after a brilliant start to the season, I stink lately. Last week might have been my worst week picking games since college. Problem is, there are a bunch of games this week between middling teams that are also hard to see -- my crystal ball is very cloudy.

Here goes, anyway:

Broncos at Redskins
Denver is struggling to find a running game, but the Broncos will have plenty of other ways to beat the Redskins, even at the end of a short week, and on the road.

Bills at Titans
Tennessee players think they can win 10 straight after starting 0-6. Well, here's No. 3: Titans win at home.

Buccaneers at Dolphins
Wouldn't surprise me to see Bucs, all excited after winning their first game, jump on top. But the Dolphins are playing for their season. Miami at home.

Jaguars at Jets
Home-field advantage seems to be the only thing separating these two. Maurice Jones-Drew is the key for Jax, but the Jets win at home.

Bengals at Steelers
Second-best game of the week? Steelers aren't as spectacular as the Saints, but are playing as well as anybody. Bengals likely to come out swinging from the heels trying to knock Pittsburgh out early. That won't work. The Steelers prevail at home to take control of the AFC North.

Saints at Rams
Please .... Saints big.

Falcons at Panthers
Time for the Falcons to establish themselves, if they can. Atlanta should win.

Lions at Vikings
Sometimes these division games are closer than it would appear they should be. Still, the Vikings should pull away late and win comfortably.

Chiefs at Raiders
Is there a game on the schedule this season that fewer people care about? To think this used to be such a great rivalry. Raiders by a FG in OT.

Cowboys at Packers
The Cowboys roll in pounding their chests; Pack limps in licking its wounds. So the Packers, playing for their season, find a way to win at Lambeau.

Eagles at Chargers
The Eagles suddenly look bewildered. Their only win in the last three games was against the Redskins, which barely counts. It's hard and usually unwise to trust the Chargers under any conditions, but I'll take them at home, thinking they'll start to look like a real playoff team.

Seahawks at Cardinals
Okay, picking the Cardinals to win at home this season has been a disaster. But I'm going with Arizona one more time ...

Patriots at Colts
Game of the week without a doubt; maybe game of the season. New England's lack of a running game will let the Colts tee off on Tom Brady. The Colts again over the Pats.

Ravens at Browns
The Browns are the second-most dysfunctional team in football (behind the Raiders, ahead of the Redskins). The Ravens are in save-the-season mode. They have to win ... and will.


Michael Wilbon

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Where are the week-11 Picks?

Posted by: desatonyp | November 21, 2009 6:13 PM
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I'm actually going to the Chiefs/Raiders tomorrow -- my brother-in-law's office has a block of seats, and they couldn't find anyone who wanted the tickets, so we ended up with four. How sad is that in Oakland with the team's supposed rival in town? Really, nobody cares.

Posted by: js_edit | November 14, 2009 1:46 PM
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Agree w/ picks except for Pats-Colts. Indy's beat up and living on a prayer and took some luck to get by Houston. Pats are hitting their stride.

Posted by: p1funk | November 14, 2009 10:41 AM
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Patriot's lack of running game is a choice not a weakness. They have it when they want it. The Colts have no defense, Pats can win a shoot out, or take an early lead and hog the clock running the ball. Pats by 13 call it.

Posted by: Dremit97 | November 13, 2009 3:50 PM
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mike, you seem to forget that the eagles put a beatdown on the giants 2 games ago and have won 2 of their last 3.

Posted by: dkitsou | November 13, 2009 3:47 PM
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