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Week 16 picks in review

Three best games of the day
Philly over Denver: The Eagles were sailing along until Denver came up with a couple of huge turnovers to come back from down 27-10 to tie the game.
Tampa Bay over New Orleans: Saints were cruising along, 17-0, until, Tampa came up with an enormous effort that the NFC's best team didn't match.
Steelers over Ravens:
The champs played one of their most resourceful games of the season to pull out one they had to have to keep the season alive.
Three picks I nailed
Packers over Seahawks: Green Bay looks like it might just be the best team in the NFC.
Cleveland over Oakland: Browns starting to look something like an actual professional football team in recent weeks.
Eagles over Broncos: Philly appears to not only have won, but to have gotten out with Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook healthy. Guys like Celek and Avant and Maclin have made the Eagles very, very dangerous. When Champ Bailey took away DeSean Jackson, the Eagles had plenty other playmakers to fill the void. And now they know.
Three picks I blew
Miami over Houston:
Has to be hugely disappointing for the Dolphins to not even wake up until the second half, when down 27-0, it was too late and too far to come back.
Giants over Carolina: What the hell happened to the Giants? 41-9 loss at home? Is it time to dismantle the team that won a Super Bowl two years ago and start over?
Saints over Bucs: Suddenly the Saints can't stop anybody, can't make a special teams play, and Drew Brees looks shaky.

Michael Wilbon

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I'm a long time Redskins hater for a lot of reasons so no one is happier to see them lose than me. Last year I picked them to play .500 ball and they finished 8&8. This year I said they would win 4 games total. So far I'm spot on. When they lose it's buried in the paper. I actually had to search for commentary on that debacle with the Giants. When they win it's on the front page above the fold. Why is that?

Posted by: arcondoc | December 30, 2009 10:08 AM
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DOUGMACINTYRE: It's called the NFL...these things happen EVERY week. Missed/iffy calls, turnovers, good teams win and sometimes get the breaks. Get over it...BTW -- great ID name -- how long did it take to come up with that? Maybe next time include your address and phone # too. Brilliant. Spend more time on that, less on worrying about why the Eagles were so "lucky".

Posted by: dbunkr | December 30, 2009 9:16 AM
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The Eagles were gifted 14 points in their game, otherwise they would have lost.

On the TD to Celek (when he was wide open), the left tackle, #71, moved back 2 steps before the ball was snapped. I've seen false starts called when the body barely moved, and here someone on the end of the line moves 2 steps backwards and no call? That would have negated that TD.

Then later, the pass interfence call on Champ Bailey on a 3rd and 6 was horrible. He may have put his arm up early, but he never touched the player until after the ball got there. Unless they called face guarding (which the refs never said), and even that would have been a bad call as his arm was up where the ball was coming, not in front of the face.

Posted by: Dougmacintyre | December 28, 2009 8:22 AM
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