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Wizards on right track

NEW YORK -- Teams building from scratch have to make moves, bold and creative moves. They have to do so quickly and aggressively, taking calculated risks, looking not too far into the future while realizing it's not time to live in the present either. The Washington Wizards, on all of those fronts, did splendidly Thursday night, drafting and trading pieces that figure to be part of a contending team or later allow for further moves that will ultimately help deliver a run deep into the playoffs.

The 2010 NBA draft didn't mean jack to most NBA teams, most notably the two-time champion Los Angeles Lakers and the runner-up Boston Celtics. But it meant everything to the Wizards, who got to select a franchise player in John Wall; acquire a veteran guard in Kirk Hinrich, who can play real live defense and shoot; draft a project in Kevin Seraphin, a big and athletic Frenchman, about whom we know terribly little, but a kid the Wizards loved and knew they wouldn't find available with a later pick.

Seraphin has a manageable European contract to buy out and he wants to come right now; there's no stashing him for a year or so to see what he'll do. The Cavaliers wanted him. Other teams wanted to stash him for a year, which he declined to do. The Wizards, on the other hand, have the luxury of letting the kid develop with the big club. He doesn't want to play this summer in France; word is he wants to come to Washington and Wizards management wants him.

For now, we have to assume the Frenchman and Hinrich will arrive in Washington on July 8, compliments of the Chicago Bulls, who needed to unload Hinrich and the first-round pick to clear enough salary cap room to sign not just LeBron James, but a second A-list free agent, say, Joe Johnson or Chris Bosh. The Bulls are playing for now, right this minute. Their game begins July 1 when they can officially begin wooing LeBron.

The Wizards made sure to get in the right place at the right time. Hinrich has $17 million total left on his deal but it only lasts two seasons. And at least the Wizards will be paying somebody who can play both ends of the court, who's not a menace in the locker room, who's a pro, who's got plenty of playoff experience, even if it is in the first two rounds. In fact, one of the big things the Wizards need to do, sooner than later, is dramatically improve the team's toughness, mentally and physically, and find four or five guys who actually consider defense their calling card. If the Lakers and Celtics were interested in trading for Hinrich this past February -- and they were -- then clearly he has some value.

Remember, the Wizards do have to play now, while nobody much outside greater Washington cares. They have to put a player out there every night alongside Wall and that player might as well be Hinrich, who on a contender should be a sixth or seventh man but on a rebuilding team is (for now) a starter.

What about Gilbert Arenas, you ask? Here's my preferred scenario: the Wizards have to hope the New York Knicks get shut out of the Big Free Agent Action about to ensue, then turn to Arenas who can score 25 points a game for Coach Mike D'Antoni. The Wizards would have to take back Eddy Curry and his onerous contract, but it expires in one year. Even this season, they could buy him out and tell him to never show up at Verizon Center. That's how the Wizards can get rid of Arenas. All the better to turn the team over to Wall, who ought to have the opportunity to fight through his own mistakes without taking on somebody else's baggage.

Trading Arenas for Curry would give the Wizards even more cap room this time next summer, to pursue the like of, say, Carmelo Anthony or whomever they target. Sure, it'll require good decision making on the part of management, but the point is to have money and a flexible roster when making these decisions ... and a couple of young players who, when the time comes, have grown up enough to contribute to a team developing some aspirations. The acquisitions the Wizards made on draft night should be at least a step in that direction.


Michael Wilbon

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Michael W: Writing you 'cause I don't want this comment lost w/ all the hype around LeBron's decision day.

If the latest LeBron "father" claimant files in DC, pass this on to the judge. Award the sorry bastard the exact amount he paid in child support for LeBron. Tell him to get out of the courtroom and be glad the clock has run on statutory rape or child molestation in D.C. (unless it hasn't) and be thankful the judge will not complain to the Bar Association re: his filing a frivolous lawsuit - or do file such a grievance. AND BE SURE TO CHARGE HIM COURT COSTS.

On free agency. Owners have run the plantation for years. I am glad to see smart young brothers influencing their own fate, although I think Dwayne and Chris went too far w/ the cameras. Yes, it will impact the NFL, but not so much and probably never again in any sport to this extent.

Love watching you.

Posted by: mizellyrolls | July 8, 2010 4:48 PM
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Nada in la cabeza- ANTHONY Agent 0.
The owner and GM agree with you because they have no choice. We are stuck with Arenas unless we can really get lucky and can unload him. It is a sad situation.

Posted by: rickywarner49 | July 1, 2010 8:56 PM
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You are beyond silly, the reason that I question your education is that I have taught 7th grade Spanish (year before last) and 4th grade many years ago and those kids were more perceptive than you. The only reason we will keep Arenas is because "If Washington can void Arenas’ contract, it may just be the luckiest break in the history of professional sports." At least those kids could count and reason.

That wasn't written by me but it is the truth. Nobody wants to pay that kind of dough for a washed up screwup and I doubt that we will be that lucky. That was written by a Canadian sportswriter who is unaffected by your boy's presence.

Posted by: rickywarner49 | July 1, 2010 8:48 PM
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Here you go buddy, looks like the owner and GM agree with me.

Posted by: AnthonyMix | July 1, 2010 7:53 PM
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I got it! Your Glen Beck in real life!

Posted by: AnthonyMix | July 1, 2010 5:16 PM
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Dude, you are beyond retarded and obviously don't understand sarcasim. For someone who can't read and comprehend you've got some balls questioning someones education.

Posted by: AnthonyMix | July 1, 2010 5:15 PM
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"whose not a menace in the lockerroom"....

does that mean they will be unloading that clown Arenas?

Posted by: Durham2 | July 1, 2010 4:05 PM
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By the way, just in case you think that Arenas gave back any money , like $16 million dollars, that is absurd.
You can't give back money that you never had. That is how business works.

Posted by: rickywarner49 | July 1, 2010 1:38 PM
Report Offensive Comment’s-10-most-overpaid-players/

This was published on January 20, 2010

Here is another list that was published regarding most overpaid NBA players ,I'll just leave you with the #1 most overpaid player (Arenas) and Matt LeFleur's comments about him !

1. Gilbert Arenas (WSH) – $16.1M per / 5 years remaining

Who else could it be? In less than four weeks Agent Zero has gone from goofy and overpaid to the most toxic, untradeable athlete in professional sports. Unfortunately for Gil he would have topped this list even if he hadn’t lost his marbles and (possibly) the remaining $80 million on his contract.

Like Brand, Arenas suffered a major injury and opted out of the final year of his contract in order to sign his current deal (one in which Washington offered him $24 million more than the next highest bidder, the Warriors, and added an extra year). Arenas thanked Washington by ignoring team doctors and rehabbing his knee on his own schedule. Predictably, Arenas then blamed the organization for “not looking out for him” after suffering a relapse in his recovery.

Even before the “incident,” this season was turning into a complete disaster. In the games he was actually healthy enough to play, Arenas hogged the ball, broke plays to launch contested 25-footers and almost single-handedly destroyed Caron Butler’s all-star numbers. If Washington can void Arenas’ contract, it may just be the luckiest break in the history of professional sports.

I am writing this part and shooting contested 25 footers and ball hogging sounds very much like the boy you you would prefer to score 20 points a game rather than see Wall successful!

Posted by: rickywarner49 | July 1, 2010 11:11 AM
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ANTHONYMIXEDUP- You sound like a real Wizards' fan. You want to see Wall fail, so a chubby over the hill guard can get 20 points a game. If Wall fails then this franchise is headed for another 50 plus losses this season.

Your mentality is what I was talking about. It is a loser mentality!

Posted by: rickywarner49 | July 1, 2010 10:31 AM
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ANTHONYMIX- If you graduated from college then it had to be UMES, or Bowie or some other place that is much easier than any typical private school. You are so ready to give away money for nothing that I have come things that I might want to sell you. However, I think that you wrote that you hope Wall is a bust so Gilbert can get A rod money. Damn, that is a lot of money to pay a chubby shooting guard like Arenas. You want Wall to be a bust, seems like you are an Arenas fan not a Wizards fan. Your loser mentality is what I am talking about, you would rather see a (Arenas) tubby guard (who shoots for a lower 3 pt % than Hinrich)and plays no defense make an all star team than see the team succeed. I hope you like going to empty venues because the phone booth will be empty if Wall does not succeed. That is great with you because you like 61 and 56 losses in consecutive years. If we keep Arenas you may get your wish. Meanwhile , I will leave you with a list of the most overpaid players in the NBA that was published after this year. THis goes from 10 -1 with #1 being the most overpaid.

10. LaMarcus Aldridge | Portland Trail Blazers | $5,844,827 (6 years)
What? Aldridge at almost $6 million this season is a great deal, Lefty! True, but that $65 million extension Portland gave him early in the season isn’t

9. Francisco Garcia | Sacramento Kings | $5,800,000 (4 years)
Battled with an injury this season, has played in only 11 games (averaging 7 points in 20 minutes), and is locked up for 3 more years

8.. Larry Hughes | Sacramento Kings* | $13,650,000
Hughes was waived by the Kings* after being dealt from New York at the deadline. Nevertheless, he was due to make 8 figures this season

7. Andres Nocioni | Sacramento Kings | $7,500,000 (3 years)
Too big of a deal for a player who is nothing more than a body to bring off the bench to throw at an opposing wing

6. Richard Jefferson | San Antonio Spurs | $14,200,000 (2 years)
Many thought that making the move for Jefferson would put the Spurs back in contention in the Western conference. It didn’t work out (36-25, currently in 7th place)

5.Marcus Banks | Toronto Raptors | $4,553,793 (2 years)
Has played in 18 games this season. We have seen a lot of these types, haven’t we?

4. Jose Calderon | Toronto Raptors | $8,219,009 (4 years)
Starting point guard, 10 points and 5 assists a game, and is the third highest paid player on Toronto

3. Hedo Turkoglu | Toronto Raptors | $9,000,000 (5 years)
And yet another one of those “Hey, he’s getting up there in age, doesn’t play defense, wasn’t ever very athletic, but he can shoot!” cases where an NBA team foolishly overpaid

2.Andrei Kirilenko | Utah Jazz | $16,452,000 (2 years)
Member of the “Paid like a franchise guy, but isn’t one” group

1. Gilbert Arenas | Washington Wizards | $16,192,080 (5 years)
Does this even need a comment? Didn’t think so. (Note: Gilbert is this year’s winner of the “Most Overpaid Player award”!)

Posted by: rickywarner49 | July 1, 2010 9:59 AM
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And yes I did graduate high school and college. Now I defend your freedom to spew garbage because I wanted to give back.

Posted by: AnthonyMix | June 30, 2010 6:52 AM
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I'm not idiodic enough to know when enough is enough. If you can't offer any more to this discussion than your made up facts then it's pointless. For your sake I hope Wall is a bust and Gil makes the all star team again and we give him A-Rod money.

Posted by: AnthonyMix | June 30, 2010 6:46 AM
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MIXEDUP- feel sorry for people of your generation as you have seen nothing but crap Bullets/Wizard teams as you admit. You think that Arenas is a superstar and the only thing that he is is a megabucks star.

You are silly enough to say that his agent left $16 million and Gilbert took a paltry $111 for his 6 year instead. Why don't you talk to any accountant around Washington DC and see what they think the probability of that happening is. That is utterly stupid.

You say the man gave life to our community so did Marion Berry. I think that Berry did a better job of earning his money than Arenas did.

Arenas sure as hell has sucked enough money outta here for the last three years for little or nothing in return! Yeah , that Gilbert is one hell of a guy!

You are so goofy about basketball that you don't even know that all over the league teams are trying to get rid of high dollar contracts, particularly long term ones like Arenas. Orlando wants Carter gone , NY wants Curry gone because not one single player is worth what he is being paid.It is all out of whack already and you still support paying Arenas more money. These are kids who could barely make it out of high school in most cases and they are being paid like CEO's of major companies.(By the way seems like your business sense isn't too good , have you ever made it of high school). Everybody wants the ones that stick out like a sore thumb gone and Arenas is one of the most blatant. Because his deal is so long term and nobody else wants his baggage , you may get your wish. I hope that you get really excited if we make the playoffs because that is obviously good enough for you. We will not get to round two with or without Arenas.

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 30, 2010 1:41 AM
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MIXEDUP- You are a complete idiot. I haven't asked for an autograph since I was under 13 years old. If my girlfriend's son, who is 6 would want an autograph from Arenas - I would tell him that he did not need to get it unless it was a check from him to us for the money he has stolen from the Wizards. At age 14 my friends and I discussed how stupid autographs were because it was just a signature of a man, and usually a kind of dumb one at that.

I wonder how Arenas jerseys are selling these days! I don't they are a very hot commodity anymore. I'll bet that you have more than one and you couldn't trade em for bucket of piss today.

1.I saw Arenas enough on TV to know that I was not missing much and would never have paid to see him play.Arenas did nothing for our city. If you consider going to the playoffs and never getting even a second round playoff victory success , you are part of the losing mentality that has permeated our city for so many years. People now consider it a success in Washington is one the 16 out of 30 teams who makes the playoffs. That means we are at least ahead of 47% of the other teams that did not. We don't have to be in the top half of the league to go.If you think paying a guy a guy nearly a MILLION per game for for the last 3 years is smart , than I think you are in a minority. You obviously know nothing about money and business and basketball.

2. I never once paid to see the Wizards play when we signed Jordan as that was another short term move that held back our franchise. I saw it as a tremendous showboat move or maybe the onset of Alzheimer's for old Abe.Can't forget what the graet MJ did for us, yes he was the man who wanted Kwame so badly.He got his way and look at how it panned out!

3. We signed Chris Webber for three number one picks and Tom Gugliotta. I was ballistic that we signed this idiot also. The only game that I went to in his era when Grant Hill played against us. I went to that game with the sister of a local sportswriter for the Post at that time whose first name is David. He now writes for the Philadelphia Enquirer. He got us the good tickets and she was kind enough to invite me. I went to see Grant Hill not the Wizards and I told her that and she kind of laughed and agreed. Believe me, David's sister was much more knowledgeable about the NBA than you.

4. I did pay to see the Bullets when we had Hayes, Unseld , Tommy Henderson, Mitch Kupchak , Larry Wright and Phil Chenier, to name a few. Since that time our management and owners have not put a team on the floor that I would pay to see.

5. I have seen Maryland and Georgetown play innumerable times because they usually bring something to the floor with them, called game, which our professional our professional franchise rarely does.

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 30, 2010 1:36 AM
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I could find more but it's a pain on my phone. You obviously don't recall his negotiations am are writing history to suit your argument. I haven't read one post where anyone dosent agree that we didn't over pay for him.

The fact that you don't appreciate what he has done for our city and our team leads me to believe that you're that old man at the autograph signing with a ton of balls to sign mashing little kids faces to get to the front of the line. Gil probably called you on it and now your butt hurt. The man brought life back to our team. Respect him for what he did for us and our community. Sorry most of us are not so quick to write off the man.

Posted by: AnthonyMix | June 30, 2010 12:08 AM
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ANTHONYMIX says-says "Gil wasnt offered $111 mil, he was offered max and accepted $111 mil so the team had room to sign others." I suppose you know what max is. Max is bullshit, he took as much as he could get. That was and is the whole reason for this dialogue, he ain't worth near what we payed for him. That is Wilbon's point let's get that stupid contract out of here , so we can put that money to good use.

You gotta be sh*ttin me. Giving Arenas 30 million wouldn't have been worth the aggravation. Were you there at the negotiating table? I don't think so and I was outraged when we gave a 6'3" guard who was never going to be a franchise player that kind of money. In retrospect, I suspect that you think that we owe him something. Please , hold back the tears when his sorry ass leaves town.

Be real !!

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 29, 2010 11:22 PM
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I know Im only assuming that he forced himself on the girl but regardless of if he did or did not he shouldnt had put himself in that situation. The fact that he would even need to settle or apologize speaks volumes of what he did or did not do.

Posted by: AnthonyMix | June 29, 2010 8:57 PM
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RICKYWARNER49 never mind I just read your race post and your heart probably isnt in the right place. We all have friends like Big Ben, the guy who thinks he can pull whatever girl he wants and is the biggest prick at the bar. The only difference is that Ben has enough money to buy his way out of trouble. What Gil did has zero comparison to what Ben did. Forcing yourself on a woman because you think its your right far exceeds what Gil did. I dont think anyone has ever been killed by an unloaded weapon. I seriously hope you are not from VA.

Posted by: AnthonyMix | June 29, 2010 8:41 PM
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RICKYWARNER49 Gil wasnt offered $111 mil, he was offered max and accepted $111 mil so the team had room to sign others. Your hearts in the right place for the franchise and I get what you are saying about his contract but its the bed we made. Gil may not be a max player but neither is Joe Johnson and he's about to get paid. Please dont bring the church into this, we all know where that 10% goes. Gil regardless of what you think actually gives to the people who need it. He rides his bicycle to Barry Farms and plays with and mentors the kids. Say what you will about his pockets but dont sell him short on what he does for the community. That is Bullshit.

Posted by: AnthonyMix | June 29, 2010 8:33 PM
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ESSMITH4- You are comparing apples and oranges and Gilbert was obviously guilty of stupidity.

We'll never know about Roethlisberger who was charged with a much more serious crime.

Why don't you look at the DNA evidence against OJ. Oh , I forgot he is black and we can't bash him. Certainly, we should give OJ a few more chances. Let's free him from the slammer because free OJ because of Arenas.

Sounds like you might be a paranoid fool to me and you want to blame a white man for Arenas'f*ck up. So much so , that you have convicted Big Ben and invented a story about Arenas giving 16 MILLION DOLLARS back to the Wizards.

Have you uncovered any more evidence as to why we should pay Gilbert nearly 1 MILLION per GAME for the last three years. Is it because he is African American?

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 29, 2010 4:47 PM
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ESSMITH4- Some more for you Mr. In Touch with reality.

Q: Does the accuser's letter mean that she will not pursue a civil money damages case against Roethlisberger?

A: No. She is still free to file a lawsuit for damages. It is entirely possible that discussions are already under way between the accuser's attorneys and the Roethlisberger legal team about an agreement and a settlement. A settlement could be made without any lawsuit and could be kept confidential with a contractual requirement that neither Roethlisberger nor the accuser ever disclose the terms of the agreement. A settlement would be of benefit to Roethlisberger in his discussions with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and with the Rooney family, which owns the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Q: Will we ever know the details of what happened in the bathroom of the Capital City nightclub early on the morning of March 5?

A: Probably not. According to Bright, Roethlisberger's bodyguard led the accuser down a hall to the employees' bathroom and stood guard outside the door while Roethlisberger and his accuser were in the bathroom. Bright said the victim had bruises and a laceration in her genital area when examined at the hospital. Bright said that there was not enough semen or other bodily evidence to show that there was carnal knowledge or penetration. Was it consensual? Was it consensual for a time until consent was withdrawn? We do not know, and we might not ever know.

Q: How important was the lack of DNA evidence in the prosecutor's decision?

A: It was a more important factor than Bright indicated in his news conference. Bright minimized its importance as he explained his decision. Bright suggested that although the swabs from the emergency room rape kit contained some male DNA, it was not a sufficiently large amount to permit DNA testing. If there had been enough DNA for testing and the tests showed that it was Roethlisberger's semen, it would have been important evidence. If the tests had shown it was not Roethlisberger's DNA, the evidence would have been conclusive.

Q: Is this vindication for Roethlisberger? Can he now say that he was wrongfully investigated?

A: No. Bright deliberately and emphatically stated that "we do not condone what Roethlisberger did." If anyone had any doubt of Bright's evaluation of Roethlisberger's behavior, Bright made it very clear when he added: "We do not prosecute morals. We prosecute crimes." Bright's observations on Roethlisberger's conduct presumably will be major factors when Roethlisberger meets with Goodell and his team ownership.

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 29, 2010 4:38 PM
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ESSMITH4- I am glad that you have found Roethlisberger guilty and the state of Georgia wouldn't even press charges. The defendant didn't want press charges two weeks later. Think that she might have wanted a little money ? By the way, Roethlisberger has a few championships under his belt.

Enlighten yourself:

Because there was not enough evidence to "prove a crime beyond a reasonable doubt," a Georgia prosecutor has decided not to file any charges against Ben Roethlisberger after a college student accused him of sexually assaulting her in the bathroom of a nightclub on March 5. The decision by Fred Bright, district attorney for the Ocmulgee Judicial Circuit, raises legal questions. Here are some of the questions and their answers:

Question: What were the key factors in the prosecutor's decision not to charge Roethlisberger?

Answer: Two factors were critical.

First, the victim was, according to Bright, "highly intoxicated" after an evening of barhopping and drinking shots with her sorority sisters. With the details of the incident lost in a fog of intoxication, prosecutors are reluctant to file charges. Although the law requires that Roethlisberger's behavior would be the central issue in any trial on a sexual assault charge, prosecutors know that jurors are reluctant to convict when the accuser is shown to be guilty of any form of risky or contributory behavior. If jurors sensed that the accuser was in a brownout or blackout stage of intoxication, they likely would quickly decide on a not guilty verdict.

Second, there was no evidence of the forcible penetration that is required for the Georgia definition of rape. Bright was unusually specific in his description of the definition's requirements and in his statement that there was not enough material to obtain a sample for DNA testing. Like most states, Georgia law requires "forcible penetration" that is done "against the will" of the accuser. It is known as "carnal knowledge."

With the accuser's intoxication and little evidence of carnal knowledge -- forcible penetration against the will of the accuser -- Bright's decision was easy.

Q: The accuser wrote a letter less than two weeks after she called the police asking that no charges be made against Roethlisberger. How important was the letter in Bright's decision?

A: As Bright said in his news conference, the letter made his decision "easier." But it was not a critical factor. Prosecutors frequently file charges even when the victim is unhappy about the charges. Bright says convincingly that he would not have charged in this situation even without the letter.

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 29, 2010 4:30 PM
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ESSMITH4- You are the out of touch with reality person. Arenas gave back 16 Million dollars, have you lost your mind ? Please write some more fiction for us!

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 29, 2010 2:54 PM
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Before Gilbert was offered and accepted his 111 million dollar this is what happened.

Jamison earned $16.4 million last season in the final year of a max extension he received from the Golden State Warriors in August 2001. Although he took a healthy pay cut in terms of annual average salary, Jamison had maintained for months that he hoped to re-sign with Washington after four successful years with the Wizards following a one-season stint with the Dallas Mavericks in 2003-04, which earned him NBA Sixth Man Award honors.

Jamison took the pay cut not Arenas.

A day before Arenas received his big contract Jamison said.

"He said he'd take less money if they got me, and they got me," Jamison said. "So I think everything will get worked out with Gilbert." Then he added "Let me ask you: If somebody offered you, what is it, $100 million?" Jamison said. "I don't care if you're Gil or you're so-and-so, would you take the deal?"

Gilbert then worked out his $111 million dollar contract the next day. If you call that giving back 16 MILLION dollars, please expound !

AS far as Nash and guns , sure it would be a bigger deal than Arenas. When was the last time you heard of an Asian , Hispanic or Asian involved in gun play in an NBA locker room ? Like never.

Ben R's situation is more similar to that of Kobe's. As I recall, public sentiment (and mine) was strongly in Kobe's favor because the whole world is aware that NBA stars are sought like rock stars by women in their hotels, bars and wherever they go. In the end , we all know that he was simply being unfaithful.

Christ, nobody cares about that but Kobe's wife and maybe some mad African American woman's group that are pissed off because he was sticking a white girl.

Roethlisberger has been convicted of nothing and the court of public opinion already has convicted him.

Roethlisbergers's case is still ongoing and he is a bachelor and he has been voted as one the most unpopular athletes according to the NY daily news poll.

The Top 5 include Vick, Al Davis in second place, Roethlisberger in third, Woods in fourth and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones holding down fifth place. Six through 10 are rounded by Mark McGwire, Terrell Owens, Rodriguez, Allen Iverson and Gilbert Arenas.

Hey your boy Arenas made this list.

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 29, 2010 2:45 PM
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ESSMITH4- says "Maybe the next article you can remind the fans of the $16M he gave the team to get Jamison signed, not to mention the over $400K he donated to DC schools."

Please give the documentation for this. This is simply BULLSHIT. He may have given money to DC schools which would have amounted to 2.5 % of his annual earnings as a tax write off. Many poor individuals give 10% to their church.

You are out of your mind if you think Arenas gave $16 million dollars back to the Wizards. That may be one of the stupidest statements ever written. Why don't you just make up another arbitrary figure like $100,000,000 and put it here. You must really come from outer space to make a guy who has taken the Wizards cakes ,like an inmate in jail may have taken a b*tch in jail.

Please give me your source for the great Gilbert giving a years salary back to the Bullets? You can not do it because it never happened and never will.

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 29, 2010 1:07 PM
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One "out-of-touch-with reality person wrote that if Steve Nash were in the same situation as Arenas it would have been worse for him. Anyone that believes that is probably smoking off the same bong with Michael Phelps. I know the NBA is 75% African-American, but I also know that 75% of the fans are not. If it were Nash belive me the same energy would have been spent to wipe to slate clean like the folk that bleached the rape scene for Ben R. Trust me, Nash would be suspended too, but there would be a lot more sympathy in order for his cause...

Posted by: esmith4 | June 29, 2010 10:06 AM
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Wilbon, you are too talented a writer to focus all of your energy on dragging down Arenas. Get over the fact that the owner, the coach and GM all recognize what he brings to the organization this year and beyond. In addition of averaging 22.6 ppg & 7.2 apg, the last 15 games prior to the suspension he was averaging 27 ppg & 8 apg. How many players in this entire NBA could accomplish this after three knee surgeries? Maybe the next article you can remind the fans of the $16M he gave the team to get Jamison signed, not to mention the over $400K he donated to DC schools. It's time to get over the mistake he made & move on. If the organization is willing to forgive & offer him another chance let us be human enough to do likewise. Please, let it go...

Posted by: esmith4 | June 29, 2010 9:12 AM
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ANTHONYNIX- This is a basketball town but we just haven't a team worth going to see in eons. People, particularly those who have seen real stars in the past will not pay to see what the Wizards have been putting on the floor for the last several years. I am talking about before and after we had MJ. We had no business signing him except for the short term.

With respect to your Snyder comments, I have no idea why nearly every free agent that he signs turns into a bust.
If you are 31 , when you were 10 or so then you saw us win a super bowl. I started watching football seriously when I was 7. The Redskins were the first team in the history of the NFL to ever sell out season tickets. We were the last to put an African American on the field. There used to be a great writer for the Washington Post from 1924 to 1998 named Shirley Povich (father of the goofy Maury).He once wrote, "Jim Brown, born ineligible to play for the Redskins, integrated their end zone three times yesterday."

I remember the Redskins when they were that sorry.

Players used to like to come to the Redskins when we had George Allen and Gibbs I. I don't know if all free agents consider Snyder a patsy and that they can come into town and take the money and run or not.

He is obviously doing something wrong. Seems to me that he also is always looking for a quick fix , short term solution as well. I think that you might agree that short term solutions are a long shot.

Get over Arenas.

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 28, 2010 2:09 PM
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ANTHONYMIX- I wrote 12th out of 24 teams and I obviously know that there are 30 teams in our watered down league today.

Gilbert wasn't the reason we "skyrocked all the way" to 12th in attendance (pretty sorry for being the 4th largest market in the nation), being "nearly competitive" was. Imagine what would happen if we won 50 regular season games a second round playoff series.

That would put fans in the seats!

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 28, 2010 1:38 PM
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ANTHONYMIX- If we do some long term thinking now then we may improve and even get into the thick of things. First thing we need to do is free up all the cap space we can so we buy on the free agent market , just as Wilbon says. We cannot become touchy , feely about a guy who has literally pillaged our town, Arenas. One may say , well anybody would have taken the money and that is true. However, when he rubs my nose in it as I feel he did with the gun incident and shows how he takes his situation for granted then I want to see him pay for what I knew was a masquerade to begin with.

I realize injury is a part of the game and unfortunately Arenas suffered one that sidelined him for nearly two years. Meanwhile, his career is slowly nearing the end. What can he do for us now? I certainly don't want or need to find out anymore. He has shown me too much already. Hence, let him go so we can move on and build.

Personally, as I said, I knew he wasn't the guy to build around and it has proven to be true. After what he did, I feel more inclined than ever to want to see him gone

From what I have seen in the NBA recently, I have seen the Spurs build from the draft and be quite successful.The Lakers on the other hand, have done it mostly through free agency. I think that we need to choose a course that is somewhere in the middle of what they have done in order to be competitive. Maybe we can get lucky and do it almost exclusively through the draft. We need a strong big forward and good center (this is a tall order because the NBA truly lacks even adequate centers today) and we will be ready to compete.It won't be done this year but maybe we can do it next year. After we have done that we need to retain what we have then add slowly and judiciously and maybe go somewhere.Arenas' salary only inhibits the Wizards from fulfilling these needs.

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 28, 2010 1:27 PM
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ANTHONYMIX- What I am looking for are steps in the right direction not going backward.
Our attendance has been as follows:
2001-2002 2nd in NBA
2002-2003 2nd
2004-2005- 14th
2005-2006- 15th
2006-2007- 12th
2007-2008- 15th
2008-2009- 21st
2009-2010- 21st

This is a basketball crazed town that will support a winner, but Arenas always had a low ceiling as a main building block. These figures are ridiculous when one considers what happened when we had Jordan.
We were number 2 in attendance for 2 years in a row. If we build a solid team and we still need several parts, then it isn't unrealistic to be in the top 5 in attendance.We will never know until we do it. The per capita income around DC is the highest in the nation. Ten of the 20 highest per capita income counties (Loudon, Fairfax and Howard are numbers 1-3 in the country,Arlington and Montgomery are also in the top ten) in the nation are within driving distance of the Verizon Center. In spite of the high cost of living there, there is a tremendous amount and disposable income in and surrounding Washington DC. Our owners are keenly aware of this.

We are the 4th largest market in the nation and with the great Gilbert the highest we have finished in attendance with him is number 12 out of 24 teams.

On another stupid move we signed Jordan in the twilight of his career who obviously boosted attendance. Good short term, how about long term? He may have been a great player but he sucks when it comes to anything even remotely related to managing a team.

This is what I mean about short- term thinking.

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 28, 2010 1:16 PM
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ANTHONYMIX- I said it was a big mistake paying Arenas big money. The biggest argument that I heard for signing Arenas was that he put fans in the seats and you can't build a championship around him. Guess what , I was and am still right. Check our attendance record and you will see that I am right. I just gave you the cold ,hard facts of his last three seasons. If you cannot accept the truth , maybe you should grow up and become a man.

Way to not get personal. I agree we over paid for Gil as I said in my original post. Whatever Bullets team lives in your mind as being good has long since passed. Most of our community dosent know that team. We know what I know and that is garbage. Cold hard facts are the only sell outs we had at the Caps Center or the MCI/Verizon center were when MJ came to town. Nobody is arguing that Gil hasnt done much in the last three years but he did put butts in the seats before that. We are not a NBA city, we can ball in the DMV just for other cities. Im not looking for sports validation with the Bullets (I expect that from the Skins (F SNYDER 4 LIFE!!!)

Posted by: AnthonyMix | June 28, 2010 11:10 AM
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ANTHONYMIX- By the way,I do like your Bullets for Life thing. Wizards is a pretty dumb name for a team representing Chocolate City.

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 28, 2010 12:48 AM
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ANTHONYMIX- I said it was a big mistake paying Arenas big money. The biggest argument that I heard for signing Arenas was that he put fans in the seats and you can't build a championship around him. Guess what , I was and am still right. Check our attendance record and you will see that I am right. I just gave you the cold ,hard facts of his last three seasons. If you cannot accept the truth , maybe you should grow up and become a man.

Three seasons by the way, is longer than many NBA careers.

Many years ago, when we had Unseld, Hayes , Dandridge and many other not so overpaid players we knew going to the playoffs and it was no big deal. I know that the younger generation of Bullets/Wizards fans have never seen a team advance past the second round of the playoffs. In fact, you have probably never seen a Wizards team win a second round playoff game.

Webber was even worse as a Bullet star than Arenas.When the Bullets traded Chris Webber they had the following fantastic seasons to feel bad about losing him. During the 1994-1995 season they were 21 and 61. The following season 1995-1996 we were 39-43 and no playoffs. During the 1996-1997 the Bullets finished 44-38, actually made the playoffs but were swept by the Bulls in three games. In Webber’s last year the Bullets we finished 42-40 but no playoffs. I felt it was time for us to get rid of Webber, especially considering that we had given up three NUMBER ONE draft picks and Tom Gugliotta to acquire him. With him we experienced one playoff performance and the Bulls quickly erased us in three games. During the regular season we had a 4 year regular season record of 146 wins and 182 losses. In one playoff series we were 0-3.

I am sorry that I do not feel that paying a guy nearly a million per GAME as we have done for Arenas for the last three years is a very prudent investment. It is time to turn the page and go on , he had his chance and he more than blew it. You can go ahead and cry as Arenas gets his sorry butt out of town as I will be celebrating.
Trust me that day is not far off.

Meanwhile, I will comment as I please , particularly when I see front office mistakes. I have seen the same mistakes committed over and over again and I do not like seeing the same old losing ways continue. Arenas is a part of that ownership /management decisions that was destined to go nowhere and that is what happened.

The problem is, you do not have a clue and base what you write on emotions. I happen to look at things at face value and I don't see the value in Arenas.

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 28, 2010 12:40 AM
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Look , I have seen this team since they first came to Baltimore. The only Baltimore team that I ever liked was the Bullets. I am a native Washingtonian. Tough sh*t if you get teary eyed about the thought of losing a way overpaid clown like Arenas.

When we resigned Arenas we made a big mistake. I am sorry that you have never seen a good Bullets/Wizards team but I can't help if you are only 31, just like you can't help it that I am 61.I have seen many real stars here and I do not consider Arenas to be one of them.

When, the powers that be decided that they would offer Arenas superstar money , I knew it was a big mistake. As I said , he was never in the same league talent-wise as the guys that you can build a championship around. He is a 6'3" shooting guard, not a natural point guard. He had some good scoring years but that was a long time ago.We won didly squat with him. Four years ago is history. He has done nothing to indicate that he will improve and everything to indicate he is declining.

I do not think that a guy who has been paid nearly a million per game deserves my allegiance, as you obviously feel.

He had a charade going, like he was going to lead us somewhere that was never going to materialize anyway. He only has himself to blame for losing that little niche.

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 28, 2010 12:36 AM
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If you want to blame someone blame Daniel Snyder. If it wasnt for him Gil would had made those free throws! Im pretty sure Snyder is the reason Gil tore his ACL too!

Posted by: AnthonyMix | June 27, 2010 11:43 PM
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RICKYWARNER49 if you think Gil was the reason for our record over his tenure here then you should never ever, ever post anywhere again. If it wasnt for Gil we would had never seen 20 wins. Haywood, The Poet, Pesh, Kwame, Ruffin, Laettner, Jahidi, Booth, Songaila, McGuire (he could D but no much more), and Twan (love him but no D). There are more players who are even more irrelevant on defense that have played PF or C for us in this decade and god forbid I go into the 80's and 90's and throw around names like Bol, Muresan, and Ramos. We've been a joke of a franchise my entire life and Im 31 so sorry if I want to see the only real NBA star we've ever had continue to play for us.

"When Wilbon says Bullets for life , he is talking about a time that this franchise had a modicum of respect around the league." Wilbon did not, nor have I ever heard him say BULLETS FOR LIFE, I did.

Posted by: AnthonyMix | June 27, 2010 11:32 PM
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With Arenas in 2003-2004 we had a regular season record of 25-57. The following year 2004-2005 we were 45-37 and won a first round playoff series against the Bulls 4-2 but were swept by the Miami Heat 4-0 in the second round. The following season 2005-2006 we had a 42-40 record and lost in the first round to the Cavs 4-2. The next year 2006-2007 we finished 41-41 but this time the Cavs swept us in the playoffs 4-0.In the 2007-2008 season we finished 43-39 and lost to the Cavs in the first round of the playoffs 4-2.
For the 2008-2009 campaign we finished 21-61, obviously no playoffs. Last year we finished 26-56 and obviously no playoffs. So let’s see, with Gilbert playing or unable to play we have amassed 241 regular season wins versus 333 losses. With Gilbert on the roster, we averaged winning 41.9 % of our regular season games

With the great Gilbert we have made 4 playoff appearances and won one series 4-2. The only second round appearance we made we were swept 0-4. In our other playoff appearances we were 2-4, 0-4, 2-4. So our playoff record with the great Gilbert, hibachi, agent 0, secret agent is 8 wins and 18 losses. We won 30.7 of our playoff games

Man, I yearn for the good old days when the great Gilbert, Agent 0, Double 0 Soul, Hibachi made us such an NBA powerhouse.

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 27, 2010 9:47 PM
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I like you wilbon but you reporters are crazy for mentioning the wizards should dump arenas... don't forget he svg. 22pts and 7 asst a game....Wall needs that insurance. who else will score that much I guess nick young or javale mcgee.. heck no

Posted by: pusha-d | June 27, 2010 6:01 PM
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remember Wilbon and the rest of those punks sit on their asses like you and i and form their own opinions, they never played a game in their life; so who care what he's talking about most of your sports writer who never played the game are jealous of the fame and the money

Posted by: teresabogans | June 27, 2010 5:17 PM
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People who argue that Curry isn't a logical move are missing the point. Right now, he is the lesser of two evils with the greater evil being Arenas.

Someone else says - on Wilbon. "As an African-American I thought he would be more tactful in how he further smears Arenas'name in the media."

The NBA is 75% African American. Do you think that if Steve Nash did the same thing that Wilbon would have been more forgiving? I don't think so.

By the way, Steve Nash actually earns his paychecks and the last I checked Arenas has not earned squat and Nash is twice the player that Arenas is.

If any white, European , Hispanic or Asian had done what Arenas did we would hear it even more. Are you asking for a special exemption because Arenas is a black man?

I am white and the thing that I have always liked about Wilbon is that he tells it like it is. He doesn't use one's color as an excuse no matter what their ethnic background is. If a white man can't jump then he will say it and I have no problem with that. He bashed many white and Hispanic steroid users in baseball. When someone in sports who is rich f*cks up it is on them. Color has nothing to do with it.

Do you think that paying Arenas nearly one MILLION per game for three years was a smart move ?

Get real, he is talking dollars and cents and the best thing to do is get rid of the remnants from the sorry Wizards of the recent past. Think about the odds of gambling on Arenas. Best case scenario , he scores in the low 20's, then we go nowhere or perhaps a brief playoff berth an even quicker exit.

A playoff berth is not success when one that considers more than 50% of the teams make it.

Personally, I'd rather see the Wizards tank some games before the next draft. That would be unethical, and surely Mr. Arenas would have no part in that.

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 27, 2010 4:19 PM
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By the way , LeBron was actually in his third when he more or less put an effective hex on Arenas who had it coming.

LeBron knew that Arenas was an impostor and he "called him."

How many times do you need to get burned before you learn not to go in the kitchen ?

Doesn't any Washingtonian have the grapes to say enough is enough ?

Wilbon is dead right about Arenas. We will go nowhere this season with or without Arenas. Get him gone while the getting is good. Prepare to invest that money wisely. Economically speaking it is the right thing to do. This is how we improve the Wizards. (By the way , I agree that we should change our name back to the Bullets.
With Wall's speed and his coming , the name would be apropos. With Arenas asinine doing , it is more than fitting.)

People act as if Gilbert may feel the pain of his past injuries and stupid acts. He is rich beyond belief. He hasn't the motivation nor the heart nor the ability to earn what he is currently being paid.

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 27, 2010 3:13 PM
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When Wilbon says Bullets for life , he is talking about a time that this franchise had a modicum of respect around the league.

Arenas is now 28 years and somebody wants to excuse his acts as simply being immature.

Somebody else says that those who want to get rid of Arenas are losers. Excuse me, but what has our record been with the great impostor Gilbert for the last three years. Has he ever proven to be a winner? In his best season , did the Wizards even threaten to get into the conference finals? We couldn't take LeBron's team to seven games who was then ousted by Detroit.

Somebody else says "Please give him the opportunity (just one chance, he paid his dues) to earn that huge contract.

He has been receiving nearly a million per game for the last three years. Would you want to pay that kind of salary for what he gives in return ?

How did he pay his dues when he has played 47 games in the last three years? He did 30 days in a halfway house with other bums and dummies like himself. He probably enjoyed the company because he was among people of equal intelligence as he.

Somebody else says "Look at all the other cities that would LOVE to be us." I now live in San Antonio ,and trust me they do not want to be the laughing stock of the league like us.

Somebody else says "I bet that Wall wont give us 22.7 and seven assists per game."
Hello, does the NBA have a special season for Arenas that consists of only 32 games?

I'll bet you that Wall will give us more games (47) than Arenas has given us in the last three years in one year. I will bet that he averages more than 7 assists per game like a point guard should do. I will bet you that he doesn't break out a gun in the locker room.

Get it through your head Gilbert (who was voted the most overpaid NBA player in the league in one poll that I saw)is not worth the high maintenance the tremendous money that he gets.

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 27, 2010 2:55 PM
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In Gilbert's greatest moment now over 4 years ago - here is what he did. It was May 5,2006.
Regarding the Wizards playoff series against the Cavs during LeBron's first season. This was written on January 4, 2010.

" Arenas' career has been spiraling out of control for years. More specifically, ever since May 5, 2006.

That day -With the Wizards up 113-112 in overtime, Arenas stepped to the free-throw line with two shots to give the Wizards a 3-point lead with just 15 seconds left to play. Literally with the game on the line and a chance to force Game 7, Arenas missed both free throws, leaving the door open for the Cavs in the final seconds. This sequence was highlighted by LeBron James whispering something to Arenas just before he took and missed that last crucial free throw.

It was only later that we found out LeBron whispered to Arenas "If you miss this shot, it's over." It’s only now that we understand the ultimate meaning of that statement: he meant the game was over, he meant the series was over, and he meant Arenas’ career was over.

Guess what LeBron was right. In his greatest minutes of glory WE CAN NOT GET INTO A GAME SEVEN AGAINST A ROOKIE LEBRON.

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 27, 2010 2:28 PM
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Mike, I used to like your commentaries, but as of late you really have disappointed me and other humans. You have become one of those humans who have forgotten about being human. Despite the fact that Gil gives us 22.5 ppg and 7.2 apg a night, he is still human. The fact that he is only twenty-nine with a lot of money, he is still human. The fact that over the past couple of years due to injury, that he’s had more time on his hands than he knew what to do with except work on his recovery and hope that he can return to his form, he is still human.

Are we a city so quick to forget that he is human enough to come down to Barry Farms, mingle with the real humans, give hope and inspiration to the kids there, who like himself will make mistakes and they too maybe not be given another chance of redeeming themselves?

Mike, The moral is he is one of those real humans like most, unlike the rest of you super humans that don’t make mistakes. He hade a mistake and his mistake was very IMMATURE.

Mike, just stop bashing Gil and let’s give him a chance to redeem himself, otherwise he will come back to hurt us (like the rest in our past; ie Chris, Ben Rasheed, etc.) because we will be added to his lists of people and things that he has something to prove to, and only then will you super humans realize that getting rid of him was a mistake and that you all are human too.

Posted by: SEDC1 | June 27, 2010 11:27 AM
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I really hope that the wizards do not trade Gilbert to New York for Eddie Curry. I am a season ticket holder and I can't and will not wait for a couple of years and keep paying my hard earned money on watching my HOME team keep losing. We gave away Rasheed Wallace, Hamilton, Webber, and even though Gilbert acted immature, he's not a bad person. Then your telling me keep the money and go after another teams player that won't sign with a losing team, just like the KNICKS are getting ready to find out. Wall they say is a franchise player but that remains to be seen. When Gilbert is healthy, you know what your going to get. Please wizards try to get a center and work a trade and get Blatche out of here.

Posted by: mwchamp1 | June 27, 2010 10:52 AM
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Mike Wilbon makes the most insane comments and is so tilted towards Gilbert Arenas. It comes out on PTI and each of his columns.

In what universe, please someone explain to me do you give away a 22.5 ppg and 7.2 apg player for nothing. Trading for Eddie Curry is essentially the worst idea in world. I will take anyone's bet that John Wall doesn't put up 22 and 7 in any of the next 3 years, but that's another discussion. We gave away Chris Webber in his prime for nothing. Now, Wilbon and the Wizards brass want to do it again with Gil whose only 29. This city is acting like Tiger Woods wife. Yes, Gil has embarrassed this city and this franchise, but doesn't that mean you make illogical decisions based on anger.

It's obvious Ernie is following the OKC blueprint which means Ray Allen gets sent packing for a #5 Pick (Jeff Green) and Ray Allen then plays for two NBA Finals. If that's your decision fine, but Eddie Curry is not a lottery pick and he's not a building block. And in the NBA as you will all see this summer making moves based on cap space alone will lead to disaster.

I don't think we should trade Gil, but if this tilted city has to repeat the past at least get some young pieces in return.

Posted by: dyoung1 | June 27, 2010 9:45 AM
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".... draft a project in Kevin Seraphin, a big and athletic Frenchman, about whom we know terribly little, but a kid the Wizards loved and knew they wouldn't find available with a later pick.

Seraphin has a manageable European contract to buy out and he wants to come right now; there's no stashing him for a year or so to see what he'll do. The Cavaliers wanted him. Other teams wanted to stash him for a year, which he declined to do. The Wizards, on the other hand, have the luxury of letting the kid develop with the big club. He doesn't want to play this summer in France; word is he wants to come to Washington and Wizards management wants him"
BIG MISTAKE!!! NEEDS to play a lot of minutes somewhere against tough competition... for at least two seasons.. he is a late starter and has no "game"! wake up Wilbon and do your homework. THIS WAS A PICK TO APPEASE TED!!!

Posted by: yetanotherpassword | June 27, 2010 8:11 AM
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Posted by: jiji1 | June 27, 2010 1:56 AM
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Mike, please stop calling us the Wizards. We've never been nor will we ever be. BULLETS FOR LIFE!!!

Posted by: AnthonyMix | June 26, 2010 11:53 PM
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Damn, sorry Gil. Im still a fan though. He's not that bad of a guy, immature? Yes. He made a bad decision and he's paid the price. Did we overpay for him? Yes, but that's the way Abe Pollin worked. People forget really fast what he has done for us. I was born in 79, so the Bullets I grew up on have always been garbage. The only good memories I have are when MJ came to town and keeping Juwan Howard and letting C Web and the Wallaces go. Don't forget his shot against the Bulls and the battles with the Cavs or dropping 60 on Kobe. We saw what he can do, he's been hurt and stupid but I think he'll redeem himself. If healthy he could thrive at the 2.

Posted by: AnthonyMix | June 26, 2010 11:49 PM
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Why do all Wizards fans think short term only?
We just got an amazing talent, Wall, who plays at breakneck speed but under control. On offense he can go to the hole and sky and give you a contorted layup in traffic or a slam like a giant over the trees.

His defense makes your jaw drop because he can be trailing a guy going in for what looks to be an easy layup and he comes out of nowhere and can pin it against against the backboard or knock it into the back court that can lead to a layup for his teammate. I have not even discussed his lateral quickness and anticipation. He may be better than Rose and Paul put together. He may not shoot as well from distance but he should get to the hole more than those guys.
I have not been as excited about a Bullet draft pick since Rasheed.

(We stupidly traded him after one year to Portland for Rod Strickland. Rasheed was very instrumental in containing Howard and getting the Celtics into the finals this year. He also was a significant part during the Pistons championship run.)

We now have Hinrich who was instrumental in Rose's development and I like that notion. I don't like the idea of Wall possibly being inhibited by the presence of Arenas. He can't control himself , how the hell can he mentor anybody and put him under his wing ?

For years the Wizards fans have felt that making the playoffs and even getting swept in the first constituted a successful season.

In LA, Denver, Boston, Cleveland, Miami Dallas, Phoenix. San Antonio, Orlando, Utah and Denver this has been a given and now add the Hawks and New Orleans to this list.

Low expectations have been proven to yield underachievement in all walks of life. The Wizards personify this more than any team in the NBA today.

We had a great draft night the other day and maybe for the first time in a long time we can start building for the future.
If you think that it is prudent to keep a clown like Arenas, fine. Maybe well even take a first round playoff series in the next five years.

If we move on , get rid of his disgraceful salary and who he really is ,then we may aspire to something higher than a first round playoff series.

It won't happen a year or two but three years from now we may have a dynamite franchise. I am hoping that Leonsis proves to be more basketball savvy than his predecessors in Washington. If he deals Arenas quickly then I will have a lot more confidence that this is truly an up and coming team not just a bunch of underachievers like we have had so many years now!

If you like living the basement then I say keep Arenas. If you want to grow , get him out of here so we can get a player who can do something other than collect a paycheck
that he doesn't deserve.

Like I said , I'd trade Arenas for a tall transvestite but the more that I think about it, he/she wouldn't even have to be that tall.

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 26, 2010 2:05 AM
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I totally agree with Mike Wilburn the Wizards are on the right track with Walls and bringing in Hinrich a guy with offense and most importantly defensive toughness. Defense wins championships. I like Gilbert Arenas, but at this point I think it's better for him to do image and career rehab with the Knicks which is a perfect venue for his up tempo game.

The Wizards have a new owner and a potential franchise changing number draft pick in Walls. It's time to turn a page for the fans of the Wizards.

Posted by: TJGodel | June 25, 2010 7:29 PM
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So much chatter about the Wizards. How cool and exciting.

Lots of possibilities here.

I hope Wall is as good as predicted.

I hope Gilbert turns things around and plays the way he is capable of playing. Whether that is to stay with us or to find another opportunity to play somewhere else. If he plays great and he is moved we can get more in return. Or if he plays great, stays, and he and Wall become a bigger Dumars/Thomas combination that would be great. Give Gilbert a chance to get things together out. He did do a lot for the community and I am pulling for the kid.

I hope Nick Young can get solid minutes to be the threat I think he is capable of being. I also saw some signs of being a good defender.

I hope Kirk H. can come in and provide a steady hand that we need. Should be fun watching Gil and Kirk go at it in practice. Kirk has always played Gilbert well. Should make him better.

I hope Blatche heals his foot in time.

I hope McGhee continues to grow. I see a lot of potential there.

I hope we spend our money wisely.

I hope to see all the fans at the Wizards games. When the Wizards played well and the fans came out it was a cool thing to see and be a part of.

Posted by: tmh32 | June 25, 2010 7:03 PM
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I think Wall and Gilbert are going to be great together. Gil never wanted to be a leader. He's a self-described goofball. I've defended him over the years, and I took a ton of heat when he messed up. I know his money is ridiculous. But it's ridiculous for everyone in pro sports, so get over it. Let's give Gil a second chance. If you focus on the money, there's no way to watch these games. So do the best you can in your life and let it go. Or don't watch or follow the teams.

I see the intensity burning in Wall to take over the team. Let him. Gil can kick back and just focus on scoring. What a great combo.

I'm more excited about the Wizards (should be Bullets, with the old red, white and blue colors) right now than I have been in years, even when they had that little playoff streak. Even in those good times, I never saw any toughness with that team. I see toughness in Wall. I know he's a kid, but it's there.

I'm also a huge Detroit Tigers fan, and Motown is a classic baseball city. Just like D.C. is a classic hoops city. But you've got to give the fans something. The Tigers had 12 consecutive losing seasons. Then in 2006, they went to the World Series and woke up a sleeping giant of a baseball town. The same thing will happen in D.C. Remember when the Bullets went to the Finals four times (the most of any franchise in that decade) in the 1970s? It will happen again.

Posted by: gaspeny | June 25, 2010 6:31 PM
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Please, please,please,please,- somebody was ridiculous enough to mention Arenas' name with potential ! Are you sh*ttin me ?

The operative part of what Wilbon wrote is:

"Trading Arenas for Curry would give the Wizards even more cap room this time next summer, to pursue the like of, say, Carmelo Anthony or whomever they target."

Personally, I am not a big Carmelo fan and I realize he is from down the road in B'more. I still see him stealing that guy from the Knicks in the face and running away. If we go after a free agent, I'd rather go younger than Carmelo or pay or trade somebody for a draft pick. The Spurs did it through the draft but they lucked out when Robinson was injured the year before Duncan was available through the draft. However, they still won titles after Robinson left.

Look , I have to confess that Curry is a bum but the idea is to improve the roster asap without giving up the ranch. Gilbert ain't the ranch. The idea of amends is absurd, this is not "boys town" where we are trying to raise young gentleman but a franchise and a business. Gilbert is done and if we can get that contract out of here the sooner the better.

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 25, 2010 6:09 PM
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How you doin'!

We should all be too happy to argue. Look at all the other cities that would LOVE to be us. The Wizards had some DIVINE INTERVENTION. Although some might say it was good luck, Whatever floats your boat.

Okay folk's, I am here to settle the whole thing, you guy's are bickering like little children. Without Mr. Gilbert Arenas; the young Mr. John Wall will be eaten alive, abused by defenses, pushed around, whack, hacked and Shaq Attacked.

People forget so quickly...
What have you done for me lately is not how we are going to go here...

Arenas has had time to properly heal, now kick back and watch him wheel and deal.

Please give him the opportunity (just one chance, he paid his dues) to earn that huge contract.

I am the eternal optimist, but I know with Wall dishing it out, Gil will hit 40 points per game. Barring injury Gil scores with Kobe and Le Bron, in the upper 30's. Remember my man Gil against "The Lakers"?

Peace and Blessings to everyone. Thank you for your time. One more thing, could you Praying folk's please send one up for me; I am going though a time.

PS. Keeping Josh Howard will make the Wizard's a Championship Contender.

Come on. Everyone needs a guy named Josh around. What a cool name . Josh, it rhymes with "oh my gosh"! Lighten up, enjoy life. It's short.

Posted by: upscalechef | June 25, 2010 5:48 PM
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Why do so many people not realize that it is about the money ? By the way , I should have asked if Gilbert improved on his game in the halfway house not the slam.

Granted, the NBA does have a soft cap but Arenas is getting monster money for pip-squeak results. How can anybody say with any reasonable certitude that he will get better ? All indications are that he is becoming less effective on the court. Do we need to talk about him off the court?

Bottom line, is that we got John Wall and I have only seen him a handful of times. He has unbelievable hops and is tremendously quick with his first step. He isn't a great shooter yet and may never be but he will be able to penetrate and dish coming out of the gate.

We have Hinrich - and Rose seemed to do pretty well with him. We got a big strong guy from France who is seemingly a bit of a project. Translation , we aren't going very far into the playoffs anytime soon. We have the rest of the "typical Wizards."

The thing that amazes me is that Arenas had a good little charade going and he blew it. Many Washington fans lived under the illusion that one day Arenas might lead us to the promised land. Maybe the promise land for most fans here is getting to the Conference finals , and Gilbert et al could never have even delivered that, much less an NBA crown. Arenas dispelled that notion by his lack of performance over the last 3 years and shouted it out loud with the gun incident. Many fans still just don't get it. Arenas is a liability not an asset. Remember, this guy has been receiving nearly a million per game for three years. I'd love to have the exact figures on how much Arenas has received for actual games played. However, I did find some information on Arenas' salary under the "ten highest NBA players who should receive nothing" written in 2009. We paid $85,000 for every minute that Gilbert was on the court in the 2007-2008 and 2008-2009 seasons. If he had played 35 minutes for 80 games (at that rate) he would have received 243 million plus for the season. Doesn't anybody get that we made a huge mistake already with him and you should not throw good money after bad ? This is not Gilbert bashing - but the cold hard facts.

Arenas would turn 29 in the middle of his first season back (this year). While that is not old by any stretch, he’d still be a guy nearing 30 who has only been able to play 47 games over the past three seasons. His last meaningful and best season of 2006 would then be four years in the past. That’s a long time off for another team (as the Wizards continue to erase him from memory) to bank on an impact season."

If we want a strong team here we cant rely on what Arenas did in 2006. Those days are long gone!

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 25, 2010 5:42 PM
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"I'm telling you right now folks, John Wall is better than Deshawn or Boykins."

Plus, believe it or not, water is wet! Yeah, dude, way to go out on a limb. Wall is better than Deshawn, Boykins, a bag of chips, AND my 6-year old niece. Thanks for the insight.

Posted by: Urnesto | June 25, 2010 4:59 PM
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No he is a pompous jerk for alot of different reasons suggesting we trade our best player now before he has a change to make ammends is crazy, me saying to trade Gil by the trade deadline is only worst case scenerio. I haven't liked Wilbon since he made those comments about Sean Taylor the day he was shot, mind you protecting his family and Wilbon had the gall to say those terrible things not even knowing the facts, me mentioning his heart attack was meant that Wilbon got a second chance at life, so maybe Gil deserves a second change to become the player his has the potential to become. Wow is that so hard to understand or get from my original post??

Posted by: russellpenmaniii | June 25, 2010 4:29 PM
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John Wall is the future of the washington wizards That is apparent, but when the season starts if Gilbert is here he will be the best player in a wizards uniform. For the time being if the two can co-exsist let them trying to move the best player on your team to get nothing but cap room makes no sense!!!! If you move Gil you get cap space to get who? no one that is going to make a difference this year or next year for that matter. Gil has a lot of negatives but the argument that Gil would never get us to the next level was pretty much debunked by the fact that the people he had around him were traded to "much better situations" and yielded the same results shows the pieces were never here for gil to succeed in the first place. If antawn can't get there with the best player in basketball and caron, brendan, and Deshawn can't help a team alot of people picked to get there without them get there, than how can we honestly blame Gil? If anything it proves that when he is at his best (and he hasn't been the last three years I'll admit that)he is a peer of the best players in the NBA.

Posted by: hondaman579 | June 25, 2010 4:12 PM
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Enough of the Gilbert Arenas bashing! He has served his time for his crime, so give the guy a break. Gilbert and John Wall will not have any problem playing together. Wall is a true point guard who creates easy shots for other players. Do you think he doesnt want a proven scorer on his side. It would be insane not to put Gilbert and Wall on the floor together. They have the potential of being the best backcourt in the league. To mention Eddie Curry as a possible escape valve for Gilbert's contact is foolish. If Gilbert and Wall end up playing well together the potential upside is well worth any risk.

Posted by: threeof3 | June 25, 2010 3:40 PM
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Anybody who says Wilbon is a pompous jerk has never talked to him.I spoke with him just before Kobe was drafted and we both were laughing about the son of Joe (Jellybean) Bryant being such a hot commodity. Kobe got the last laugh on that one. He is the exception and not the rule.

The gist of the conversation was about how the league was becoming watered down because of all the youngsters who were going straight from high school to the pros. Of course that has been outlawed , now and they have to attend college or play a year elsewhere before going to the NBA. Calipari is a very happy man due to this bit of legislation.

My complaint with Arenas is he never was a franchise player and he has basically robbed our owners because he has been so overpaid. Remember, he has played 47 total games in the last three years. With the "great Gilbert" we won one playoff- I repeat 1 playoff series.

He is solely responsible for the complete dismantling of our franchise.

Most fans don't know but it is a good thing because we were never going to go far with Arenas.

He never has put fans in the seats at home or on the road. Please check our attendance and you will see that this is the truth.

We now have drafted Wall, who may be the kind of guy you can build a championship around. We added at least one and possibly 3 parts to the Wizards yesterday. Still we have a guy (Arenas) who has been paid nearly a million per game and people say Gilbert proved everybody wrong.

He had one fantastic year where he shot 44.7 % and 29.3 ppg. He followed that with 28.4 and 41.4 % from the field( if you can count he shot 3 percentage points less than he did after his best year). Since that season it has all been downhill.
He has played 13. 2 and 32 games, respectively, for the last three years.
Does he have a really great upside at this point? Did he improve his game in the slammer? How did he prove everybody wrong?

Pardon me but I do not follow your highbrow logic. I have been a fan of all DC teams since I was 7 in 1956. I take it personally when we trade 3 number one picks and Gugliotta (20ppg , 9rpg ) for Chris Webber who thinks he is a GM and wants Sprewell. He gets caught smoking a doobie on the way to practice. Please, tell me how far did we ever go with Webber? Did we ever get past the second round of the playoffs with him?
Arenas may be as dumber than Webber was.

The guy JMADAMS who posted has it right and if we can get anything for Arenas to get rid of his salary let’s do it yesterday. We need to move on to the future and Arenas certainly should not be the Wizards future plans.

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 25, 2010 3:35 PM
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You got to love Hinrich. I think he was the one to get Chicago going back on the right track once he was drafted(pre-Rose era). They had the likes of Deng, Jamal Crawford, Gordon and couple of other young players, that got them back to playoffs (they were calling them the BABY Bulls) but even after injury, he has been the most consistent and quality of player they had.

He's a pro... offense, defense and HUSTLE! Oh yeah and he's a JAYHAWK!!!!!!!!!!!

I think we did a good job this year!! Now it's time for Young and Blatche (or whatever) to take it to another level.
Make Gil earn a starting spot. Bring him off the bench!! If he can't fly with that, then trade for a rebounding machine(Milsap,Maxielle) or Gay/combo guard.

Posted by: DirtyFoote | June 25, 2010 2:10 PM
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Well the trading of Gil to NY for Curry is out... There is a warrant for Curry's arrest in Chicago. This is good news in that I don't agree the Wiz should trade Gil this year... Nick Young and Javale, now we can talk. It is time to cut bait on these two.

Posted by: SkinzNWiz

There is a reason why you are not a GM for a pro sports franchise. You would run them into the ground by getting rid of your players every three months. You are the same poster I remember sing Nick's praises in the 2008 season. McGee has only bee in the league two seasons. Nice to know that as a GM you give your rookies 2 seasons to turn into all stars or you get rid of them. You would have a last place team as a GM.

Posted by: ged0386 | June 25, 2010 1:50 PM
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Lets get this straight, Wilbon is a pompous jerk for suggesting GA get traded but when you suggest the same thing a year later its OK? You are not a pompous jerk. Doesn't badmouthing a guy about having a heart attack kind of make you a jerk too?

Posted by: ged0386 | June 25, 2010 1:45 PM
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Guys, you're still thinking like fans and not GMs. Even in your wildly optimistic best case scenarios, we aren't sniffing even the Leastern Conference Finals with Gilbert, much less the NBA finals. So why overpay to keep him around? So you can see him hit a game winner or two on sportscenter? As for waiting till the trade deadline, that doesn't work. Right now he has "potential" to be great again. If he is great at the deadline then we simply won't trade him. If after a half a season he isn't great again then no one is taking him (and his contract). So trading him at the deadline is not a realistic option. As Wilbon said, you just hope NY freaks when they strike out on Lebron and agrees to take Gilbert based on his potential to come back and be Hibachi again. And getting out from under a horrible contract is not "peanuts." (just ask the Redskins if they'd ask for anything more than a peanut from anyone who'd take the uber talented Haynesworth off their hands). There are numerous examples of NBA teams valuing cap space above all other, especially in this economy. By that logic the grizzlies gave away their draft pick for peanuts, and the bulls gave Hinrich AND a 1st round draft pic away for half a peanut. It seems like peanuts to fans who want to see talent for talent. It's value to GMs who want to build a team for the future...

Posted by: jmadams | June 25, 2010 1:24 PM
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Yeah I must agree Wilbon... I'd love to give Wall a shot to have an Arenas on his squad. If Arenas doesn't shape up this year, then sip him out, but why unload him for some crap like curry? Why add such a nothing player for a scorer. Plus with Hinrich off the bench and Nick Young coming off the bench we look pretty good in the back court.

Most of the remaining Wizards are expendable immediately. Those I'd hang on to for now though are Thornton, Miller, McGee, and Oberto. The Quentin Ross experiment is over. I'll also give Blatch one more year to get his attitude in gear before trying to unload him. he's not good enough to be an NBA diva.

Posted by: crtjr | June 25, 2010 1:22 PM
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In my life I have met Gilbert twice and as a middle aged white guy I've bought 6 pairs of Gil Zero shoes. It's as much of a mancrash as I am capable of having - He has been my favorite sports player of the last 5 years. Having said that, Gilbert has repeatedly shown himself to be a top ten talent (pre-injuries) and also a top ten knucklehead. All of his charming personality can't compensate for the fact that he simply doesn't have the mental attitude of a winner.

He does make players around him better, he can outright dominate games when he's on, and he can be incredibly clutch. I will even set aside all of our notions of 5th chances and redemption etc. BUT over the course of a season and many times in individual games he is simply too petulant. He doesn't always value winning over whatever quirky personal agenda he may have going on at any given time, he is not generally receptive to direction from the coaches, he simply does not have the heart and desire to play defense -- he simply is too unreliable to count on to will his team to victory over time. If we can lose with him - we surely can lose without him. And I simply don't see a way to fundamentally change the culture of the Wizards with him still on the roster.

I think everyone on the team is talking him up to enhance our ability to trade him, but I would guess the team would take a Gilbert for Curry any day and twice on Sunday.

Posted by: thinker11 | June 25, 2010 1:21 PM
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In my life I have met Gilbert twice and as a middle aged white guy I've bought 6 pairs of Gil Zero shoes. It's as much of a mancrash as I am capable of having - He has been my favorite sports player of the last 5 years. Having said that, Gilbert has repeatedly shown himself to be a top ten talent (pre-injuries) and also a top ten knucklehead. All of his charming personality can't compensate for the fact that he simply doesn't have the mental attitude of a winner.

He does make players around him better, he can outright dominate games when he's on, and he can be incredibly clutch. I will even set aside all of our notions of 5th chances and redemption etc. BUT over the course of a season and many times in individual games he is simply too petulant. He doesn't always value winning over whatever quirky personal agenda he may have going on at any given time, he is not generally receptive to direction from the coaches, he simply does not have the heart and desire to play defense -- he simply is too unreliable to count on to will his team to victory over time. If we can lose with him - we surely can lose without him. And I simply don't see a way to fundamentally change the culture of the Wizards with him still on the roster.

I think everyone on the team is talking him up to enhance our ability to trade him, but I would guess the team would take a Gilbert for Curry any day and twice on Sunday.

Posted by: thinker11 | June 25, 2010 1:20 PM
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In my life I have met Gilbert twice and as a middle aged white guy I've bought 6 pairs of Gil Zero shoes. It's as much of a mancrash as I am capable of having - He has been my favorite sports player of the last 5 years. Having said that, Gilbert has repeatedly shown himself to be a top ten talent (pre-injuries) and also a top ten knucklehead. All of his charming personality can't compensate for the fact that he simply doesn't have the mental attitude of a winner.

He does make players around him better, he can outright dominate games when he's on, and he can be incredibly clutch. I will even set aside all of our notions of 5th chances and redemption etc. BUT over the course of a season and many times in individual games he is simply too petulant. He doesn't always value winning over whatever quirky personal agenda he may have going on at any given time, he is not generally receptive to direction from the coaches, he simply does not have the heart and desire to play defense -- he simply is too unreliable to count on to will his team to victory over time. If we can lose with him - we surely can lose without him. And I simply don't see a way to fundamentally change the culture of the Wizards with him still on the roster.

I think everyone on the team is talking him up to enhance our ability to trade him, but I would guess the team would take a Gilbert for Curry any day and twice on Sunday.

Posted by: thinker11 | June 25, 2010 1:19 PM
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You know I can't understand Wilbon.....First he spoke out the side of his neck about Sean Taylor's death. Now this get rid of Gilbert. For a black man that recieved a second chance, meaning your heart attack I don't think you still have learned anything other than to be a pompous jerk who basically only cheers anything the Laker's do and every Chicago team. Now with that rant over, first off Gilbert did screw up majorly last year but Ernie has to bare some of the blame along with a deceased Polin. Ted Leonsis isn't going to tolerate the old Gilbert or his actions or behavior. Gilbert and Wall will be a very good combination and add in other pieces and the Wizards may very well surprise alot of teams this year. If and this is the big question, IF Gilbert can get back to his All Pro Form, with Wall and Blache if he continues to improve we will be beasts! Now you use the time now to build chemistry and if Gilbert is still a problem trade him at the deadline! I really think Arenas will come here with a chip and will be a asset and no longer a immature athlete......

Posted by: russellpenmaniii | June 25, 2010 1:03 PM
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I don't understand why everyone wants to trade Arenas for peanuts... It's rediculous & I understand the Wizards fear of putting him in the locker room, but this team will need his scoring ability & experience. The Wizards need to see how this works up until the trade deadline, then use the deadline to deal him because they will have the advantage... right now there is no advantage for the Wizards to trade him.

Ricky Warner... Are you serious?? OK, I'll give you Arenas is not MJ, Kobe, or LeBron... but I'll tell you what he is... One of 20 players last year in the NBA to average over 20 ppg on a not so recovered knee which usually take 2 years to completely heal. NBA talent comes in a variety of forms... but Arenas is a flat-out scorer who demands attention. His biggest problem was stopping the ball on defense but now he doesn't have to with the defense of John Wall being the on-ball defender.

I don't understand why the organization doesn't take it's time to find out how this works. Emotional decisions will kill you every time... see Chris Webber... The team needs players to score the basketball since they have drafted defenders/non scorers besides Wall... Arenas, Wall, & Blatche give the Wiz 3 legit scorers.

Posted by: tony325 | June 25, 2010 12:35 PM
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Look guys, I love Gilbert, and realize he's the only reason I've had to watch the Wiz the past 5 or 6 years. That said, he's got to go, and it's silly to think otherwise. Let's say Gilbert actually returns to his old form. We still aren't going to win the NBA championship. Still probably wouldn't make it out of the second round. So we paid a buttload of money to Gilbert to make it to the first round of the playoffs, restrict Walls growth (because the only way for Gil to return to his old form is to dominate the ball like he always has), and hamstrung ourselves financially for the foreseeable future. Second best (and most likely) scenario, Gil and Wall get along great, Gil puts up 15-17 points a night while allowing Wall to dominate the ball and distribute, and both do well. We're still hamstrung financially, we still aren't gonna make it past the second round, and we just paid franchise money for an average nba two guard who can't defend. Worst case scenario is an implosion like last year. In any of these scenarios we've overpaid for Gilbert, we have no cap flexibility in the future, and we're still not winning the championship. And Gilberts got 2 maybe 3 years left in the most optimistic of scenarios, so he'll be done right about when Wall is coming into his own. You overpay and take risks on guys when you've got a chance to go for it all. We don't. I know you guys want something to root for this season, but in no way does keeping Gilbert make sense for the future of this organization...

Posted by: jmadams | June 25, 2010 12:29 PM
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its about time you have something positive for the local teams ,yur usually such aan A-hole to everything local

Posted by: diego99999 | June 25, 2010 12:22 PM
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I think the combination of Gilbert and J-Wall will be phenominal. I also like Captain Kirk coming off the bench as the 1 or the 2 in a backup roll. I loooovvveee the Booker pick-up. We needed a tough presence on the boards, something they should be kicking themselves in the rear for because they could have had Dejaun Blair last year; he was still there on the board. The other two guys I hope can provide some support in the paint for McGeee. When he gets in the gym he'll be super and the other 2 draft picks will fill in. Love the move Ernie, eventhough I think this is the only thing he's done right this year.

Posted by: Bhoward77 | June 25, 2010 11:38 AM
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Frankly, what I really want is new uniforms and a new logo.
Posted by: Booyah5000 | June 25, 2010 1:52 AM


Posted by: ryjufox3 | June 25, 2010 11:35 AM
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I have always liked Gilbert Arenas as a player. By all accounts, he has shown a childishness in the locker room that should not be accepted from the team leader. The team has drafted an impressionable 19 year old who has the potential to be this generations Magic Johnson. If this episode in his life and career has been enough to open his eyes and make him grow up then having him and wall would be like having Isaiah Thomas and Magic Johnson on the same team. If not...I also liked Caron Butler and Antwan Jamison. They were both traded in the best interest of the teams future. Likewise with Gil in the interest of the teams future. I would hate to see the kind of attitude and childishness that he has displayed rub off on the Wizard's new Franchise player.

Posted by: Wizardsfaninexile | June 25, 2010 10:54 AM
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I am surprised at Wilbon. I had given him credit for having the savvy to think independently, but I was wrong. As an African-American I thought he would be more tactful in how he further smears Arenas'name in the media. It boggles my mind the absolute fear writers have to comment anything of a positive nature about all the good Gil has done for Washington. It is further insulting to think that Hinrich could start for a D-league team, let alone the Wizards. Wilbon is quickly becoming a joke in my eyes, but I do understand why he has to say what people want to hear. Wilbon, it is past time to stand up for Arenas regardless of what your collegues think of you. In the long run they will respect you for being an "independent thinker."

Posted by: esmith4 | June 25, 2010 10:35 AM
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look we need to sign Josh Childress and linas kleiza JOSH is a big 2 that can defend and will be a force attacking the rim linas can defend and knock down corner 3's its a wrap playoffs folks if we can grab those guys from europe

Posted by: redstick3 | June 25, 2010 10:18 AM
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Gil at the 2 and Hinrich off the bench. I really think GA will love the 2 because he will just have to score and not worry about handling the ball and dishing. Plus he was never a PG in the first place. So I hope he does stay but I don't know about the atmosphere with him and the rest of the organization. I think Ted L will help make peace and get everybody on track.

Hopefully we can resign Josh Howard.

The best thing to happen is getting rid of the old times like AJ, Butler, Haywood, and one of the worst NBA basketball players of all time, McGuire.

Go Bullets (oops, I mean Wizards).

Posted by: fearturtle44 | June 25, 2010 10:18 AM
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Are you an Onion? If you are, you'll know what I mean -- If not, no disrespect intended.

Posted by: bazookajoe1 | June 25, 2010 10:13 AM
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Except for his Gilbert Arenas scenario, I agree with Wilbon (a rarity for me) for the most part. The Wizards braintrust executed a calculated plan to inject some much needed toughness into the Wizards lineup. Only time will tell if the moves they made pan out in that regard, but it is hard to argue against the game plan.

As for the Gilbert Arenas scenario -- Bollocks!

Posted by: bazookajoe1 | June 25, 2010 10:09 AM
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Wow, at first I was really excited to see a pro-DC column coming from Wilbon. Then I realized his favorite part of the deal makes it more likely that Chicago lands Lebron. The guy is unbelievable.

Posted by: bermudml | June 25, 2010 10:04 AM
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Mike, with you all the way with one concern. Moving Gil to get future flexibility regarding free agents sounds okay; but can't we get someone we can use now?

Posted by: sjhawkins51 | June 25, 2010 9:57 AM
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JOLLYROGER2, what are you smoking? Every review YOU read? WTF? So you don't know anything about basketball, rely on someone else's opinion to formulate your own and than assume it is correct. Here's the juices expert: Ernie Grunfeld used some of our available cap space to steal Hinrich and take Chicago's pick. You're telling me that's typical Grunfeld? You're damn right. You just don't THAT IS GOOD. Even that blowhard Wilbon knows that!

Posted by: mcsobran | June 25, 2010 9:42 AM
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As a former Arenas fan, I wish I could disagree with Wilbon here, but sadly, I can't. When Arenas is healthy and mature, he is one of the best. Unfortunately, those things haven't happened simultaneously in years. He needs to be in NYC, on the big stage, and that will grow him up, and make him the superstar he should be.

A win-win proposition in my opinion.

Posted by: whodema | June 25, 2010 9:31 AM
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Wilbon!!!! I would be expecting an apology from you to Gilbert at the all-star break, when Him and Wall are selected.

You know that Gil will make you eat your words and with his game slap you in the mouth.

I will remind you this comment then.

Posted by: comitecivicousa | June 25, 2010 9:15 AM
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Many of you remember Arenas I, who may have been worth his money, rather than seeing Arenas II, who seemed to have lost a step and did not quite have the legs for the long 3. Ignoring the legal troubles, IMO he is not worth what he is being paid, thus a "salary dump" be it Carter or Curry or a "yellow dog" to be placed in rescue (not shot) would be appropriate. While he is probably the second or third best guard on the Wiz, his salary will be greater than the total for all the rest of the guards. Move him!

Posted by: lrmc623 | June 25, 2010 8:42 AM
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Not sure what Wilbon is smoking about a terrific draft. Every review I've read has been mediocre at best and that's only because of Wall. Everyone else they got blows. Typical Gruenfeld.

Posted by: jollyroger2 | June 25, 2010 8:14 AM
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When Gilbert Arenas is healthy and not screwing up, he is one of the best guards in the NBA. The notion we should trade Hibachi for some background noise in the name of closure (and cap space) is completely ridiculous. With Agent Zero and the Great Wall of Chinatown, the Wiz will possess two of the most unstoppable penetrating guards in the league, on the same team. We don't want this? We could have two guards averaging 7+ Free Throws a game! I'm telling you right now folks, John Wall is better than Deshawn or Boykins. Throw in Hinrich, and this is a serious NBA back court. Let's roll with it.

Posted by: AugustWest85 | June 25, 2010 8:05 AM
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Whatever happened to redemption. Give Arenas a chance. See how he performs and how he works with Wall.

Posted by: jjfcpa | June 25, 2010 7:58 AM
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All I here from you losers is we don't need Arenas, he isn't worth this or that. The only reason we've even made the playoffs since aquiring Arenas is because of Arenas. The only reason we couldn't advance any further is because of Arenas. The only reason this team has been in a conversation this decade is because of Arenas. The Wizards are Arenas, were Arenas, so pairing him with Wall would help us get over that hump, not starting over completely with Wall in charge. He's a rookie, and Arenas can only help him make that transition smoother.

Posted by: skynz71 | June 25, 2010 7:53 AM
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How many times does Gilbert have to prove everyone wrong? By midseason, Wilbon will be praising his comeback on and off the court, whevever he's playing.

Posted by: Cratchit | June 25, 2010 7:26 AM
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Hinrich is a better overall player than Miller, so that's an upgrade. The Zero/Curry trade then buyout works because it puts the keys in Wall's hands. Zero is not a veteran presence that is needed here. And as much as I've criticized Young, he has the chance to run now and better step up or he'll be out of the league. Javale can be a poor man's Noah if he gets better body control and a drop step to the hoop.

Posted by: kahlua87 | June 25, 2010 6:17 AM
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Again wilbon is clueless. Arenas will be a wizard. This is the one sport he's supposed to know something about.

Posted by: augustiswest | June 25, 2010 5:28 AM
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Hmmmm, somebody said that a trade for Curry is out because there is a warrant for Curry's arrest in Chicago. Sounds even better when one says that. We will have traded on member of the gray bar hotel for another.

Let's build anew and I'd take my chances with Curry in a minute rather than see Gilbert's face around town.

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 25, 2010 3:16 AM
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Look , this team never needed Arenas. He has played in 47 games over the last three years.

Do you realize that is in the neighborhood of 1 million dollars dollars per game. ONE MILLION PER GAME !

I'd trade Arenas for a tall transvestite and or Eddie Curry and a cup of coffee. We need change like never before and I'd rather be Arenas free than get John Wall. Don't get me wrong , it's great to get a number ONE pick who is not named Kwame.

When we re- signed Agent 0 - double o soul whatever you want to call him for big bucks, I argued that you cannot build a franchise around Arenas. People argued with me and said that he put people in the seats. Check our attendance and you will see that I am right. We need his salary hit gone because that is all he is!

He is no MJ, Kobe or LeBron. He was never near the value that Nowitzki , Kidd , Nash or anybody else of worthy note was. I think that Wizards' fans may be the dumbest in the league. At least anybody who thinks that we need Arenas should have their head examined.

Posted by: rickywarner49 | June 25, 2010 3:03 AM
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From watching PTI to reading Wilbons article's he is so far from the pulse of the Arenas situation its ridiculous.

Arenas is going to be a Wizard next year and he actually coexisted with Larry Hughes who brought the ball up the floor just as much as Arenas if not more when they were teammates, so whose to say that a Wall, Arenas combo can't work. They made it to the second round of the playoffs that year.

Also the GM and owner have publicly backed Arenas over and over again saying he will be a Wizard, and for the fans to "reembrace" him, which is a direct quote from Leonsis.

It's almost as if because Wilbon was so addamate about Arenas not being a wizard in 2010-2011 on PTI, that he needs to save face by offering Curry for Arenas trade advice.

I do have respect for Wilbon, but as a true Wizard fan, Arenas led the team to its most succesful run since they won the championship in the late 70's. Arenas is an allstar calibar player with something to prove. If he can stay healthy Arenas will have a solid year for the new look Wiz. You might as well just slap me in the face as a Wiz fan then trade him for Eddy Curry.

With that said he has no more chances and has to have a good year this year. All the goodwill he has built up from his incredible play in a Wizard uniform is gone.

Posted by: pt12345bb | June 25, 2010 2:15 AM
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Never would have agreed with an Arenas-Curry trade. However, acquiring Captain Kirk makes the Wizards better, because Gil never has to concentrate on playmaking, Nick becomes the 7th man and Booker takes Butler's place as the most aggressive slasher.

We still have enough cash to acquire a pretty nice addition. Why not look towards dealing with the Grizzlies concerning Gay? The drafting of G.V. and Xavier Henry should make the talks interesting at least from their end. Now, I would trade Gil for a chance at Rudy!

Posted by: karlw171 | June 25, 2010 1:55 AM
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Frankly, what I really want is new uniforms and a new logo.

Posted by: Booyah5000 | June 25, 2010 1:52 AM
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Also, Trevor Booker will bring a bully mentality and athleticism to the middle.

Posted by: merajc86 | June 25, 2010 1:18 AM
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Well the trading of Gil to NY for Curry is out... There is a warrant for Curry's arrest in Chicago. This is good news in that I don't agree the Wiz should trade Gil this year... Nick Young and Javale, now we can talk. It is time to cut bait on these two.

Posted by: SkinzNWiz | June 25, 2010 12:53 AM
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I'm not so sure I'd want Hinrich to start. I think they should try to keep Gil and play him at the two guard.
However, if the Knicks scenario comes to be and the Wiz can clear up cap space to make a run at the (sort of) home town guy in Carmelo Anthony, that would not be a bad way to go either.
Basically what I'm saying is that if the Wizards do keep Arenas, I wouldn't be unhappy.

Posted by: ASchumacher | June 25, 2010 12:51 AM
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Good stuff Mike. I hope you're right and we see the Frenchman suited up this year.

I think this team NEEDS Arenas, and we need him to be playing with a chip on his shoulder, lookin' to show everyone that he still has it. So, here's to hoping that he can get his act together and succeed in a Wizards uniform.

Posted by: msveasey | June 25, 2010 12:24 AM
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